Smash up Review from Star Wars Darth Vader, YEET #33, and Dark Agnes

In this Smash Up Review, I talk about Star Wars: Darth Vader, YEET #33, and Dark Agnes. In my Smash up Reviews, I talk about newly released comics, give a brief summary, and my thoughts. I will not be rating the comics, but I will let you know if I will be continuing the series or not.

Freaks Episode 5

Guardian is left to pick up the pieces of her life. The Rebels abandoned her. Isaac, her trusted friend, transferred to another camp. Jonas betrayed her. The identity of her father revealed. The walls of Camp 93 seemed to be closing in on her. Who can she trust, now? Risks will have to be taken if Guardian ever wants to free Seven and herself. It all comes to a boiling point in Freaks Episode 5: The Sacrifice.