Book of the Nerd



Black Cat 10



Black Cat Sleight of Hand Review from issues #9-#10



Spider Ham 1



Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham Review



Wonder Woman Eyes of th Gorgon


Wonder Woman Eyes of the Gorgon Review





Queen of the Black Coast 2



The Cimmerian Queen of the Blact Coast Review




Bitter Rivals Grahic



Wonder Woman Bitter Rivals Review





Issue 1



Deadman and the Flying Graysons Review




Justice Vol 1



Justice Review




Belit 1




Review of Age of Conan Belit Mini-Series



Smash up Review Bounty Hunters Red Sonja Chaos Spider Ham


Smash up Review of Star Wars Bounty Hunters, Spider-Ham, and Red Sonja Age of Chaos



Wires and Nerve vol 1


Book of the Nerd:  Review of Wires and Nerve Volume 1 and 2 by Marissa Meyer





Smash up Review Pic Strange Academy Killing Red Sonja Snow White


Book of the Nerd:  Smash up Reviw of Strange Academy, Killing Red Sonja, Snow White Zombie Apocalypse, and Join the Future



Smash up Review Star Wars YEET Dark Agnes


Book of the Nerd:  Smash up Review of Star Wars:  Darth Vader, Dark Agnes, and YEET #33



Book of the Nerd 225-227


Book of the Nerd:  Review of Justice League of America 225-227 The Fiatlux Trilogy



Book of the Nerd   Book of the Nerd Episode March 25th New Releases and Comic Book Haul.


Sapphique by Catherine Fisher My Review of Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

Hunted by Meagan Spooner



My Review of Hunted by Meagan Spooner




Top Ten My Top Ten Books and Comics of 2019


The Outer Worlds Game Screen Menu



Outer Worlds Review



My Top Ten 2019 Video Games Top Ten 2019 Video Games that I am anxious to play


3rd Race between Superman and the Flash Surprise Toy Show


Portal Knights The Hunt for a Couch Co-op Game

Go West Review of Go West issue 1

Doomsday Clock Review of Doomsday Clock issue 1

Doomsday Clock pin Midnight Release of Doomsday Clock issue 1

DC Rebirth Nightwing Vol 1 Better Than Batman Review on Nightwing Volume 1 Better than Batman

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Book Worlds In 2017 My Top Ten Fantasy and Science Fiction Books


Free Comic Book Day 2017 Free Comic Book Day

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