My Top Ten Superheroines

Wonder Woman left me feeling excited for the possibilities of her on the big screen. I really enjoyed the movie. I am going to be honest, I was worried. Being a girl that has been into super heroes most of her life, I really want my heroines to be as tough as the guys. To be hit, to bleed, then to come back strong and win the day. If my heroines seem any less than that, I just can’t get into them. I want them to be able to go toe to toe with the guys. So I am a tough one to please on this. Don’t even get me started on the disappointing Catwoman movie. Evil make-up! Evil…make-up… Sigh. Wonder Woman really impressed me. She was strong, but still human. There definitely wasn’t any evil make-up. She struggled to come into her own, but once she did. Wow! She was one tough heroine that definitely can stand toe to toe with the guys. I am so pleased with this movie.


After leaving the theater, I was pondering who are my favorite heroines in comics. The comic world is full of strong, intelligent females. Which tells me it is time for a top ten list! Narrowing it down to ten was extremely difficult. It took me several days to decide. But I eventually got it down to ten. On my list, heroines may be from any comic book company. My heroines must be heroes, not anti heroes or villains. Sorry Catwoman. This list is my personal favorite and is based on what I like in characters and comics.


Let’s get Started!

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  1. Supergirl


Supergirl’s first appearance was in 1959’s Action Comics #252. She was sent to Earth to help raise and protect Kal-El (Superman), her cousin. But her pod was delayed and she arrived after Superman was grown and established himself as a hero. Supergirl comes into her own and has proven herself many times to be able to stand side by side with her cousin.


  1. Rogue


Rogue’s first appearance was in 1981’s Avenger’s Annual #10. Rogue started out as a villain working for Mystique. But when she absorbed Ms. Marvel’s powers they stuck and this event also introduced her to the X-Men. She switch from villain to hero and joined the X-Men. She has had major story arcs and influence in the X-Men universe ever since and still does.


  1. She-Hulk


She-Hulk’s first appearance was in 1980’s Savage She-Hulk #1. Jennifer Walters, a young attorney, was gravely wounded. Bruce Banner, her cousin, (Hulk) gave her a blood transfusion to save her life. The blood caused her to transform into She-Hulk. Jennifer has more control over her powers and her transformation than Hulk. She is able to retain her intelligence and personality when transformed. She-Hulk has a series of her own. She has a comedic side to her and loves being She-Hulk. She is seen more often transformed as She-Hulk than her normal form. She is also a member of the Avengers.


  1. Storm


Storm’s first appearance was in 1975’s Giant Size X-Men #1. Storm is a major character in the X-Men and comics. She was introduced in the new 1975 X-Men team. She even led the X-Men early on when Prof. Xavier went into space with the Starjammers. From the beginning she has been a leader among the X-Men. She has led the team through many major story arcs. Storm has and will continue to be an important and influential character in the X-Men and the Comic World.


  1. Hawkgirl


Hawkgirl’s first appearance was in 1940’s Flash comics #1. Her first costume appearance was in All Star’s comic #5 in 1941. Hawkgirl was the first costume heroine just barely out before Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman’s appearance was in All Star #8. There are couple of different origin stories for Hawkgirl. The golden age origin is she is Chay-Ara an Egyptian princess married to Khufu. They found an alien ship that had crashed. The ship gave them powers, but they were cursed by Hath-Set. Their curse was to die once their love reaches its peak then be reincarnated to repeat the process again. When she is introduced she has been reincarnated as Shiera Sanders. Khufu reincarnated as Carter Hall. In the silver age, they changed them from being from Earth to alien police officers from the planet Thanagar. The Silver Age origins doesn’t really exist in comics for now. The creators returning to the Golden Age origins. Hawkgirl is once again rebooted in Justice Society Secret Files #1 in 1999 as Kendra Saunders the grandniece of Shiera’s. Kendra actually commits suicide and Shiera’s soul finds her way into Kendra’s body. Kendra wakes up not knowing she is actually Shiera. She has lost all of her memories. Kendra decides to become Hawkgirl but distances herself from Hawkman. The Blackest Night story arc resurrected Shiera and she is now Hawkgirl. Complicated. But she is an long running heroine. Hawkgirl is one of the first heroines to dawn the mantle and she continues to fight alongside the Justice League and Justice Society. She has been apart and influenced major comic arcs throughout history. Hawkgirl along with Wonder Woman are the first and oldest heroines in comics.


  1. Witchblade


Witchblade’s first appearance was in 1995’s Cyblade/Shi #1. The origin of Witchblade in this comic was ignored and redone into its own series. Sara Pezzini is the first to appear in the comics wielding Witchblade. There is several issues that was later published featuring stories of strong and influential women wielding it throughout time. Witchblade was created by the Darkness and Angelus forces having an offspring together. The Witchblade is the balance between these forces which represent chaos and order. The Witchblade itself is male and requires a female host to wield it. Sara is a tough NYPD homicide detective. Witchblade chose her when she jumps in front of a bullet to try and save her partner.


  1. Aspen Matthews

Aspen Matthews

Aspen Matthews’ first appearance was in 1998’s Fathom # ½ – Wizard Issue ½. Aspen was born from a race of people that live underwater. She is a mix between the Blue and the Black. Two different waterkin races. She is the most powerful of the two. Due to an accident when she was a child, Aspen lost all her memories and was found by Captain Matthews. Matthews raises her like his own child. Aspen can’t remember her past but still holds on to her love of the water. Years later, Aspen past confronts her. She must learn to accept her new found abilities and what her role is now in this new and strange world. Aspen is a marine biologist in the human world. She is smart and also a extremely powerful woman.


  1. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)


Barbara Gordon as Batgirl first appeared in 1967’s Detective Comics #359. The first Batgirl was actually Bette Kane in 1961’s Batman #139. Bette Kane discovers her aunt is Batwoman and dawns a cape to become Batgirl. Later she becomes the heroine Hawkfire. My favorite version of Batgirl has always been Barbara Gordon. In the comics, Barbara is shot by Joker paralyzing her. She is determined not to let this slow her down. She transforms herself into Oracle. She was vital to Batman in No Man’s Land. Barbara as Oracle founds an all female team called the Birds of Prey. The New 52 restored Barbara Gordon’s legs which prompts her to return to her role as Batgirl.


  1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman.jpg

Wonder Woman’s first appearance was in 1941’s All Star Comics #8. Wonder Woman got her own solo in 1942. Wonder Woman is one of the oldest and the most prominent heroines in comics. She had her start as an army nurse and developed into an Amazonian warrior. She is one of the Trinity of the DC Universe alongside Superman and Batman.

Wonder Woman 1.jpg

She is one of leaders in the Justice League. Wonder Woman has been a role model for women since the 40s. She has grown and develop has a character through the ages. She has battled evil geniuses and gods. Her origins are tied to Greek mythology. Once thought to be made of clay until in more recent story arcs she discovered she is the daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta. There is no heroine like her. She is the toughest and the most courageous. She stands beside the most iconic heroes Superman and Batman and is not outshined. She is the most influential heroine throughout history. Wonder Woman will continue to be a major player in the comics and now on the big screen.      


1. Red Sonja

Red Sonja

Red Sonja’s first appearance is in 1973’s Conan the Barbarian #23. The original inspiration for Sonja was from Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan. In 1943, she was called Red Sonya of Rogatino in a short story called Shadow of the Vulture. This was re-adapted by Marvel for her first appearance in comics. Red Sonja appeared in several issues with Conan. Conan was attracted to her, but they never advanced their relationship due to Sonja moral code of never being with a man that could not best her in combat. Conan was never able to defeat Sonja which led to tension between the two characters. To add to the tension, they were sometimes competing with one another for the same prize due to the fact they were both mercenaries.


Sonja become so popular with fans that in 1975 she received her own series. Once her series ended, she still made appearances in Conan and in one of her most famous team up in 1979 with Spiderman. In 2000s, Dynamite bought the rights to Red Sonja and in 2005 rebooted her series with the artist Mel Rubi. Red Sonja has always been portrayed as an independent and fierce character that has no problems going toe to toe with incredibly strong and powerful men such as Conan. She is my all time favorite heroine. She is a character that always pushes forward and is steadfast to her morals, plus is one tough warrior.

 Savage Tales Red Sonja.jpg

Here is my top ten Superheroines. Do you agree with my list? Who are your top ten Superheroines?



See Ya Next Week!

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10 Year Anniversary and Sam Noble Museum Visit.

June 1st was my 10 year anniversary with my wonderful husband.

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We had an awesome fun filled day. So for my blog post this week, I wanted to share our experience at the Sam Noble Museum. If you haven’t been, I definitely recommend going.
Let’s get started.

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This was our first time to the museum. As you walk in, you are greeted by this guy.


The museum starts off explaining the importance of collecting artifacts, fossils, and specimens. They explain why it is important to have more than one example of that specimen. The first room you get to see what beetles do to a corpse of a rat in a time lapse video. So gross!

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We also got to see some specimens as well.

After we left this room, we went to the space room.

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Great Balls of Fire was a special exhibit that was being displayed at the museum for the summer. This was full of information of about asteroids and meteors. There was a lot of hands on games to play with determining the speed of a meteor. They even had a space mission for you to complete. We ended up spending an entire hour in this exhibit.

The next exhibit was my favorite. The dinosaurs!

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Then I saw one of my favorite dinosaurs.

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This was huge!


I couldn’t believe how tall his skull was.


Then we turned the corner and saw this.

This was so huge of a display, I could not get it all in one shot. I had to ride an elevator to see the top of these giants.


Next to the Apatosaurus, was an intimidating Saurophaganax.


Did you see his teeth? Eek!

20170601_115941 (1)

If I saw this guy alive, I would be like….

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Once we had seen all the exhibits, we took a coffee break in the Redbud Cafe located in the Museum. It was a great way to end the tour.

Sam Noble Museum was awesome! You should definitely go check it out.

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Below are the links to the Sam Noble Museum and Redbud Cafe.

Let me know if you decide to visit and what you thought.
Thank you for reading!

See Ya Next Week!
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Freaks: Episode 1 The Guardian Excerpt

I have been working on improving my website. One of the things I have been meaning to do was to add an excerpt of my first book, Freaks:  Episode 1 The Guardian. Well, I have finally got it up this week.

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If you have been wanting to read an x-men hunger games story set in a distant future, this may be the book for you. Freaks is a episodic novella series. So far, two books of the series are published. The third should be out by the end of this month. Check my count down for Episode 3’s release at the bottom of the home page.

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Writing a book has always been a dream of mine. I have written a lot of little stories when I was a child. Even writing stories for my favorite video game character Link from the Legend of Zelda.

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In high school, I took a creative writing class and wrote several short stories and poems. One of my poems was actually published in the local town’s newspaper. I was a pretty excited teenager that day.

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Writing was a way that I could express all the things I thought about with my overactive imagination. I was always coming up with ideas for stories. I wish I could have told my younger self to write all of them down.

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What about the Freaks?

Freaks is a story that I created in my early twenties. One night, I had this crazy dream of these people with wings being oppressed and their struggle for freedom. I worked on developing the idea of the Freaks as a hobby in-between going to college and working. I finally decided about four years ago to take my hobby of writing these stories for the Freaks more seriously and actually complete it. I began to dedicate a good chunk of my time to finishing the Freaks. So after staying up late after work and writing on the weekends, about 3 years ago I actually finished. It has taken me a year to figure out the editing process and deciding to become an indie author.

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What is the Freaks about?

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The Freaks Series tells a tale of a young winged-girl and a Normal soldier that are both struggling for freedom and what they are willing to sacrifice for that freedom.

If you want the full synopsis, check J. O. Young’s books page on my website. The link is below.

Below is the excerpt of the first three chapters of the Freaks. If you enjoyed reading it, you may purchases it on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Books-a-Million. Thank you for reading.

See ya next week!

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Who is J. O. Young

I haven’t really done an introduction of who I am, so I thought now was a good as time as any. I am going to list 10 facts about myself. So if anyone is interested here it is.

Let’s get started.

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1. I am married to a wonderful man. As of June 1st, 2017, we will have been married for 10 years. So Excited!!!! My husband, Daniel, enjoys reading old science fiction novels and comics. Batman, Judge Dredd, and Lobo are his top three favorite comic book characters. We enjoy doing a lot of things together. We are pretty much two peas in a pod.

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2. I enjoy reading comics. Some of my favorite comic characters are Red Sonja,Batman, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl, and Fathom. I love comics that have a lot of action, mystery, and a sense of adventure. I enjoy good guys going through tough and almost impossible situations, but in the end they save the day.

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3. Manga is another type of comic that I enjoy reading. Some of my favorites are Kamisama Kiss, Rosario Vampire, and Fairy Tail. I enjoy adventure type manga with a little love story mixed in.

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4. Science Fiction and Fantasy is my favorite genre to read. There a lot of books that I have enjoyed reading in this category. Since last week I did a top ten of my favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy, I am not going to list it here again. If you are curious, please check out my last week’s blog. The link is below.

5. I love playing video games. I started playing Legend of Zelda and Mario Brothers on the original Nintendo and have been hooked ever since. Video games have came a long way since the 80s. They have beautiful graphics with these huge vast worlds filled with amazing quests to complete. Some games I have recently played are 7 Days to Die, Dragon Age Inquisition, Elder Scrolls Online, Stardew Valley, and Fallout 4. I really want to play Legend of Zelda Breathe of the Wild, but I don’t have that system yet. Right now, I play on my computer and Xbox One. I am really looking forward to Destiny 2. I had a lot of fun playing the first Destiny on my Xbox 360. I might have to buy a Xbox One copy and play it again to hold me over until Destiny 2’s release in the fall.

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6. Shazam is my heroic chihuahua. He was a rescue pet that we adopted from Petsmart about 4 years ago. He is a big helper. He makes sure that he lays on my lap when I am writing keeping me from getting up and getting distracted. Unless of course, he needs me to scratch his back or rub his ears. He, also, loves to have his head kissed. He will walk up my chest and lay his head on my chin so he can get his kisses. He is not spoiled at all. It is hard work for Shazam keeping me to my schedule. I am going to stop now, or the rest of this blog will be about Shazam. I love my puppy!


7. My husband and I bought our first house together about two years ago. We are having fun with owning our own place. We can actually paint and not worry about hanging things up on the wall. One of things we have been working on, is getting our front flower garden set up. When we bought the house, the garden was a blank canvas. We were very excited to pick the type of plants that we will grow. Our neighbors had given us some kind of succulents that are super hardy. They are a very pretty bright green. We have two knockout rose bushes, a day lily, a tulip, and lots of Asiatic lilies. Last year when we planted them, they didn’t look so good. This year, they are blooming like crazy. It is so pretty. I enjoy taking care of plants, but I am pretty new to it. I have had little plants in the house before, but never a whole flower bed. In my backyard, I haven’t created any flower beds yet. I have several flower pots on my back porch at the moment. Inside, I have one palm tree and a poinsettia.

Lily Garden Pic.jpg

8. I love tea! I drink a lot of tea every day. I get excited when I find a new tea that I haven’t tried. You should have seen me at Wal-Mart when I saw Lipton was selling Matcha tea. I got a little too excited.

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My all time favorite tea is Earl Grey. I drink my tea without any sugar most of the time. I prefer my tea hot, but in the summer I do drink more iced tea. In my house, I made a tea corner with my keurig, tea cups, tea tins, and mugs. Tea is that important.

9. Favorite candy bar is a tie between Reese’s Cups and Snickers. I pretty much will eat anything that is chocolate, except truffles. I don’t like truffles. Weird, I know. I have tried several, but nope. I just don’t like them.  

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10. I love writing. I have been writing and creating stories since I was very little. Writing is something I am very passionate about. I love to come home from work, make me a cup of tea, and open up my laptop and write with Shazam on my lap. I am so ecstatic that I have actually published two of my books from the Freaks Series. It is such an amazing feeling holding the book you created in your hands. Freaks is a 5 part novella series. It is a young adult science fiction dystopian. It is has been described as a mixture of Hunger Games and X-Men. The third episode is slated to come out June 29, 2017. The books come out every two months and at the end of the year a omnibus of episodes 1-5 will be released. Once I have finished this project, I have several different novels planned and I am already working on Freaks episode 6-10 for the continuation of the series.

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Now you know 10 facts about me. If you are interested in the Freaks please follow my Facebook page to stay up to date on book releases and signing events. I will be at New World Comic Con at the end of July 2017 and at SoCon in September 2017.

Thanks for reading! See ya next week!

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My Current Top Ten Favorite Books in Fantasy and Science Fiction

When I decided to do this blog, I originally was going to do favorite books of all time, but then I realized that there is no way I could narrow it down to ten. Since I am a teacher, I read books for all different ages. Through the years I have amassed a large favorite list in almost all the different age groups. For this top ten list, I am only including my favorite fantasy and science fiction novels for young adult or older.


So let’s get started.

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  1.  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Harry Potter lives with the horrible Dursleys who are his uncle and aunt. The Dursleys’ son Dudley is a spoiled boy who is the apple of his parents’ eyes. Unfortunately for Harry, the Dursleys see him as a burden. They force him to sleep in a tiny closet at the foot of the stairs. But those days are soon to come to an end when he is accepted to Hogwarts, a school for Wizards.


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  1. Dracula by Bram Stoker


Dracula desires to move from his castle in Transylvania to England. He hires Jonathan Harker to provide his legal services for the transaction of his real estate. Jonathan soon discovers that he is Dracula’s prisoner. Dracula leaves Jonathan to the sisters, three vampires. Jonathan must escape and stop Dracula from spreading his curse to the streets of London.

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  1. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

The story starts with Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy being sent to live with an old professor away from the air raids during the war. As they struggle to adjust to their new situation, the children decided to play a game of hide and seek. Lucy, the youngest of the siblings, discovers an old wardrobe and decides to hide inside. As she walks past all the coats instead of the back of the wardrobe, she steps in a whole new frozen world.

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  1. Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment by James Patterson


Max and her friends Iggy, Fang, Gasman, Nudge, and Angel long to be ordinary teenagers. But how normal can they be when they must remain in hiding from the scientist that created them, plus they have wings. Their fragile world is shattered when the Erasers, half human half wolf hybrids, kidnap Angel and take her back to School. The facility where they were created and experimented on. Now Max and the gang must muster all their strength and abilities to save her.

  1.  Dragon Slippers by Jessica Day George

Dragon Slippers

Creel is forced to be sacrificed to a dragon by her aunt, with the hopes that a knight will come to rescue her and raise their family out of poverty. Creel isn’t too worried about her aunt’s scheme. Nobody has seen a dragon in centuries. Little did she know that one would actually appear. Creel uses her wits and bargains for her life and she receives a bit of treasure. The treasure isn’t gold or jewels but a simple a simple pair of blue slippers. Unbeknownst to her, these slippers are anything but ordinary. They have the power to save her kingdom or destroy it.

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  1. The Falconer by Elizabeth May

The Falconer

Aileana Kameron looks the part of a young aristocratic lady, but that is only for appearances. She is actually protecting the innocents from being slaughtered by Sithichean, a hidden faery race. Sithichean are obsessed with murdering humans. Aileana has a special ability where she is able to see and sense these creatures. She uses inventions and gadgets that she creates to take these faeries down. Her main purpose is to find the one that killed her mother and exact revenge. That is until she discovers that she is the last in the line of female warriors called Falconers. Now she is humanity’s last hope in saving them from being massacred by the Sithichean. She will have decide which is more important to her. Revenge or Humanity.

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  1. Cinder by Marissa Meyers


Cinder is unwanted. She is a stain on society. At least that is how people view Cyborgs. Cinder is a gifted mechanic and holds a weekly booth in New Beijing. This leads to her being hired by no other than the handsome Prince Kai. He asks her to help him repair an android that he jokes is a matter of security. Her plans get derailed when her youngest stepsister and only human friend becomes infected by a deadly disease. Blamed by her stepmother, she forced to volunteer for the plague research. Research that no one has survived. But what one scientist discovers is that Cinder is not an ordinary cyborg. In fact she is something others would kill for.

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  1.   At Earth’s Core by Edgar Rice Burroughs

At Earth's Core Pellucidar.jpg

David Innes, a mining heir, finances the “iron mole” an excavating vehicle. It is designed by his friend Abner Perry. The two decide to test out Abner’s experiment. The vehicle carves it way 500 miles into the Earth’s surface and emerging into the hidden world of Pellucidar. This strange interior world is full of prehistoric creatures from all different geological eras. Pellucidar is dominated by a flying intelligent reptilian civilization called the Mahars. The Mahars use the stone-age humans as slaves. Innes and Perry must learn to survive this dangerous world. But can they out maneuver the Mahars along with their servants the Sagoth and learn the new customs of these interior humans?

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  1. Magical Kingdom For Sale by Terry Brooks

Magical Kingdom For Sale

Ben Holiday still mourning the loss of his wife and unborn child seeks to escape his painful empty life. On a whim, he purchases a Magical Kingdom called Landover. His friend, Miles, thinks he has lost it and tries to talk him out of it, Ben is determine. If he doesn’t do something he will lose himself to the grief. Little did he know that the brochure wasn’t lying when it said magical. Now Ben is the king of a kingdom on the brink of ruin. Is he the king they have been searching for? Will he be able to save Landover and in turn save himself?

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  1. Theodosia and the Serpent of Chaos

Theodosia and the Serpents of Chaos

Theodosia spends most of her time in the Museum of Legends and Antiquities in London where her parents archaeological finds are put on display. But what people can’t see is that these artifacts are covered in curses. But Theodosia can. She uses ancient Egyptian magic to dispel these curses and protect the museum all the while keeping her parents in the dark. Things turn dire when her mother brings back an amulet called the Heart of Egypt. Inscribed on this artifact is a curse so vile that it threatens to destroy the entire British Empire. Is Theodosia’s magic strong enough to stop the rising chaos from destroying her home?

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If you haven’t read these books, I definitely recommend them. What are your top ten favorite Science-Fiction and Fantasy books. Any recommendations?

Until next time.

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Free Comic Book Day Bundle

Hi everyone. Sorry I didn’t get a post out yesterday. With the end of year activities at school and my dog, Shazam, getting sick and going to the vet, I have been drained of energy.

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Shazam is doing a lot better now. He is finally starting to eat and move around again. He is officially back to his job of sitting on my lap making sure I work on my blog and my book.

Shazam 1

Free Comic Book Day was last weekend. This is a big annual event for my husband and I.

Free Comic Book Day

We go to all the local comic book shops in our area and talk to artist and cos-players. It is a great time. We met out best friends at one of the comic shops and got to walk our nieces and nephew around and take pictures of them. They were dressed up so cute.

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There was an artist at Speeding Bullet that was doing free sketches. I got to talk to him for a few minutes as he drew a sketch of Nightwing for me.

2017 Free Comic Book Day Sketch

For Free Comic Day, I was definitely in a Teen Titans mood. I have collected some of the newer Teen Titans and a little bit of the series Young Titans, but I don’t really have anything older. This was a perfect day to start my collection, especially with all the good deals going on.

The New Titans Stack

I got The New Titans issues 70 – 86.

The New Titans 70-86

Here are some of the covers that were in that bundle.

The New Titans 75  The New Titans comic pic

I am so excited to start reading them. I also picked up an old Batman comic. It was too good to resist.

Brave and Bold 78 Batman and Wonder Woman guest starring Batgirl

Batman is wrapped in the coils of Copperhead while Wonder Woman and  Batgirl have been gassed by a snake’s breath. Haha! I love old comic covers. Does the snake have knock out gas in its fangs? I do not want to encounter those snakes!

Batman GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

My husband and I also picked up few graphics this years. A lot of the shops were having excellent sales on them.

Graphic Magik and Uncanny X-Men  Graphics The New Teen Titans and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

There was quite a few good choices in free comics to get this years. For my class I got all of my students either a DC Super Hero Girls or Pokemon comics. Here are the ones I got for myself.

Free Comic Zelda and Wonder Woman

Free comics Star Trek Superheroes Girls Underdog Jugde Dread
Look how muscular Captain Picard is!

I have already read the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess comic. It gave Link a interesting background. The comic wasn’t very long. It just gave you a little to get you excited for the story. The issue was only half of the comic, the other half was of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I can’t wait until I am able to get the whole Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess manga. This game is probably my second favorite game from Nintendo. The first being Ocarina of Time.

Free comic Zelda

My husband was looking for some cool old science fiction comics. Here is what he got.

Strange Adventues 232 and 237  Manhunter 92 and X-men 175 and Uncanny X-Men comic Strange Adventues and Swamp Think and Ghost Riders comic    Unexpted and Fantastic Four comics Strange Adventures 234 fand 239 and 231

He also picked up a Bernie Wrightson signature. He is an artist that is best known for horror comics. He was, also, the co-creator of Swamp Thing.

Bernie Wrightson Autograph Comic pic

It was nice sunny day. Perfect for Free Comic Book Day. Thanks for reading my blog!

See Ya Next Week!

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Top 5 Dystopian and Post Apocalyptic Games

After getting off of work, I am sitting here looking at my video games trying to decide which world to immerse myself into. As I am looking at my games, I am impressed by all the different and exciting worlds that have been created.

With all my pondering of great games, I think it is time for my first ever Top Five List. In this list I will be ranking my favorite Dystopian and Post Apocalyptic games. This list will not include zombie games. That list will be coming soon. Also, the list will only contain pc games and/or console games.


Let’s get started!


  1.  Deus Ex

This game is set on futuristic Earth in a dystopian cyberpunk society. It is 2052 and the world is facing a crisis. A nano-virus called Gray Death which integrates nanites into an individual’s cells. The person’s body, then, rejects the nanites and the cells that have been infected.The virus attacks people without a predisposition for nanoaugmentation.

JC Denton is a nano-augmented rookie agent for the UNATCO (United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition). His job is to eliminate terrorist cells. Denton is drawn into various schemes of rival factions and secret societies.

Deus Ex is an intense role-playing game. There are six games in this series.


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  1.  Bioshock

This game is set in the 1960. Jack’s plane crashes in the ocean near the underwater city of Rapture. This haven was suppose to be a utopia, but as players can see this haven didn’t last. Jack must fight Big Daddies and save or harvest Little Sisters as he makes his way to Ryan. This game is full of horrifying baddies and along with music which adds to the setting. This game does an amazing job in immersing you into the world. There is also two more games set in the Bioshock world that are both hauntingly entertaining.

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  1.  Gears of War

This is a third person shooter game where you must defend the world against the terrifying Locust that has infected it. The main character is Marcus Fenix. He is a former Gear who is imprisoned for abandoning his post to protect his father Adam, a lead researcher. Dominic “Dom”, Marcus’s closest friend, rescues him from military prison before a Locust attack. Marcus re-enlists to help the dwindling forces. He becomes the leader of Delta Team. Delta Team consist of Dom, Augustus Cole, and Damon Baird.

What I love about this game is not only does it have a good story and gameplay, but it is couch co-op. Nothing beats sitting down with your friends and chainsawing some Locusts. There are 5 games in this series. I have played 1-3. I recommend all of them. Gears of War 3’s online horde mode is one of my favorites.


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  1. Fallout 4

The Fallout series is probably the most popular apocalyptic games ever and for good reason. This game is rich in story, character development, graphics, side missions, and sound track. I have played these game countless number of hours and still haven’t completed them a 100%. Can you even complete a Bethesda game? LOL!

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Fallout 4 begins with your family just before you have to enter the vault. Bad things happen and you are the sole survivor of Vault 111. This is my favorite game of the Fallout series. To be fair, I have only played Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas, and this one. Though I enjoyed Fallout 3 and New Vegas, Fallout 4 has really has immersed me into the game with it countless side mission and the ability to build settlements. Oh Settlements. I have literally play this game for 3 hours and have just worked on settlements. When I finished playing for day, I am like well I haven’t done any mission to progress the story whatsoever. The side characters in this game are really developed. Each with an interesting story and personality. Favorite side character hands down is Nick Valentine.

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There are 6 games in this series, 7 if you count Fallout Shelter.

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  1. Borderlands

Borderlands is a first person shooter role-playing game. It is set on the planet, Pandora. You get to pick one of the 4 Vault Hunters. This game is full of psychos, explosions, fast driving, and guns, guns, guns. What I love about this game is that is couch co-op. I remember seeing this game advertise the day it was released. My husband and I went to the store that day and bought it. We were desperate for a game to play together and finally we found one. We played this game an endless amount of hours. Every Friday was pizza and Borderlands night. This game included scavenging, powering and leveling up your selected character the way you wanted, some choices on character appearances, plus a crazy amount of guns to choose from. This game allowed us to wonder the vast wasteland of Pandora leveling up and scavenging while providing entertaining  main and side missions.

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That is my list. And just because. Here are 5 Dystopian and/or Post Apocalyptic Games that I am wanting to try.

  1.  Last of Us
  2. We Happy Few
  3. Half-Life and Half-Life 2
  4. I am Alive
  5. Final Fantasy VII the Remake  


What are your top 5? Any suggestions on games I should try out? Please comment below.



Rainy Day Book Hunt

It was a rainy day here in Oklahoma. My husband and I decided to go check out an estate sale. It was full of books.

Book Hunt 2


Book Hunt 3

and lots

Book Hunt 4

and lots

Book Hunt 5

and lots

Book Hunt 6

of books.

That was just one room. The books were piled up in every room. We were there for about 2 hours going through all of them. My husband and I had a gigantic pile by the time we were done, but fearing lack of space on our bookshelves, we narrowed it down.

Here are our finds.

Book Hunt Finds

We could have walked out with so much more. Unfortunately, a lot of the old books had water damage.

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Today was a fun rainy day book hunt.

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How I Self Published my book part 2 Paperback

My last blog I talked about several of the challenges I faced with self publishing. This blog I am going to discuss what I did to get a paperback version of my book.


  • Amazon or Createspace? Last time I hadn’t decided which company I wanted to work with. Amazon offered a print on demand like Createspace. Here are some of the differences that I noticed.
    • Amazon was able to use the same files you uploaded for your e-reader. The cover creator was very simple and easy to use. They provided a free ISBN number. They did not offer your book to any other distributors. They did not have a discount for authors to buy their books. Authors would have to pay full price and shipping. Amazon has a deal that if you buy books direct from Amazon worth $25, you will get free shipping.
    • Createspace has a template that you can download to make sure your work is the right format for their standards. They template is difficult for to use, especially if it is your first time. Give yourself several days to work on this. Basically, you take your work and cut and paste it into the formate. There are some glitches. There was a chapter that kept displaying the header, when it was suppose to be blank. I only had issues with that one chapter. No matter what I did, I couldn’t make it stop from showing up. Plus if I deleted it, the header on all the corresponding pages of that chapter and the previous chapter were also deleted. I am sure there must be some what to fix this, but I couldn’t find it. I checked several help pages to no avail. Eventually I decided I really didn’t need a header on each page and got rid of it. Createspace gives you a lot of extra pages, they can be deleted if you click the nonprinting button in your toolbar. Do not just backspace your pages where you want them, this will mess up your page numbers. Createspace provides you with an ISBN number for free. They also offer several other choices for a fee. Your book will be available for other distributors like Barnes and Noble and Libraries. Your book will also be available on Amazon. They offer a discounted rate for authors to purchase their books. They have a cover creator tool. There are some preloaded formats, but they allow you to upload your own cover.


  • Which one did I choose? Well it was a hard choice, but I decided to go with Createspace. The reason I chose them is the the discounted rate I would be able to purchase my book for. I am planning to go to cons and to hold book signing events. I will need to be able to buy my book in bulk and still be able to make some profit instead of being in the red.


  • Createspace does offer to a service to help you upload your work, but I am cheap. I did this myself.
    • The template is difficult, but with practice I believe I will be better and quicker at converting my work to their format. Make sure to give yourself several days if not at least week before you want to publish to convert your work. Createspace will let you see what your book will look like to preview. It will also inform you of any issue it detects. It takes about 24 hours for them to okay your work. They email you and inform you of any problems they see. Make sure you look through your work carefully. Pages numbers match. Headers are where they are suppose to be. There aren’t any large holes in your work. Once you’re satisfied, you will confirm it and it will be available 3 to 5 days on Amazon. Mine showed up the next morning on Amazon.


    • The cover creator is decent. I uploaded my own front and back. I used to create my covers. I used the kindle size and that worked for my print version. Once you upload it, check to make sure all the words and pictures are on their correctly and won’t get cut off on the sides. It may take you several tries to get it exactly the way you want it. You will also be able to decide if you want the glossy or matte finish for your cover. I went with matte because some of the reviews I saw over the internet recommended the matte finish over the glossy.


  • I placed an order for my books. I have not received them yet. As soon as they come in, I will post pictures of them and we can see how they look.


Thanks for reading,

J. O. Young


Freaks are Coming! Order a copy to today and FREE YOUR FREAK!

How much will she sacrifice for one little boy- large


How I Self Published my First Book part 1

♦My name is J. O. Young. I am so excited to have my first book, The Freaks Episode 1 The Guardian, on Amazon for pre-order. It took a lot of work, which is expected. Once I was done, I didn’t know what to do with it. Send it to an agent and go the traditional route or go self published. I did a lot of research and went to a few writing conferences. I mingled and talked to all the traditional and indie authors. Everyone said that a hybrid is the way to go.

♦Hybrid was the answer, but it still didn’t answer my question of what to do with the Freaks. I looked up several of the packages that a newbie author could receive if published. It wasn’t much, but a digital copy, a promotional kit for you to promote your book, and maybe a few print copies. Unless you were a blockbuster hit, you were pretty much on your own. Well, I can make my own digital copy and thanks to Amazon new paperback publishing feature and CreateSpace I could create a paperback as well. So, I was on the road to be an indie author.

♦What were the challenges I faced.

  1. Editing
  2. Editing
  3. Creating an Audience
  4. Cover Art
  5. Make my own Digital Copy
  6. Make my own Paperback Copy
  7. Advertisement
  8. and editing.


  • Editing. This is one of the hardest parts I faced. I was tempted several times to hire an editor, but that can be really expensive. I didn’t want to have debt built up from things I could do myself with just a little more work. What I suggest is copy and paste your work on Google docs. It is free to use. They have a great spell check tool. Read your work in sections when your are editing. Take breaks. If you power through your whole book you will miss mistakes. Get a friend, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, parent, sibling, someone who you can trust. You need them to be honest with you and put in too much of their own preference in their suggestions. The great thing about Google docs is the sharing. I was able to share this with my husband and mother. They were such a big help in helping me. This feature also lets you share with beta readers. Google docs gives you options on how much you want the reader to be able to do on your document. You can allow them to edit, just make comments, or they can only read it. You can prevent them from downloading and sharing the link to your story. I really found this useful. Make sure to give yourself some time to edit. Do a chapter at a time. I wouldn’t recommend doing a major edit right after you have just finished writing your first draft. For some this may work, but it didn’t for me. I already knew what it was suppose to say pretty much word for word. I couldn’t see the errors. Give yourself a couple of days in between. I would also recommend to do your revisions first before you do your line edits.


  • Creating an Audience. This is hard and there is no guarantees. I am still working on this myself. All I can do is tell you want I am doing so far.
    • First, I created a Facebook page for my book and got all my friends and family to like and follow the page. Then, I started posting updates of what chapter I was editing or if I was world building. I shared some pictures that represented some propaganda that would exist in my word. As time went by more followers started following the page and my posts started to reach more people. I suggest to join any writer clubs that are on Facebook to give you a place to advertise your work and to get advice. Don’t always just post things about your book on these sites. Make sure to like and comment on other people’s post. This will help build up contacts and a great way to make friends that understand the writing world.
    • Next I created a blog. Which is what I am doing now. I don’t have a lot of information on this. I am still new to the blog scene. But there are lots of blogs about how to write a successful blog. I would suggest reading some of those before you get started. This will help you get a vision of how you want your blog to be. Remember building an audience takes time, patience, and perseverance.
    • Create a book trailer. Videos are a great way to build up excitement for your book. There are a lot of websites out there for your to create your trailer. I chose to go with YouTube. They had variety of music for to choose from. The images I used were from pixabay. It is an awesome website that contains images free to use.


  • Cover Art. I used a website called Canva to create all my facebook ad posts, to edit pictures, and for my cover art for my digital copy. Here is a link to the website. I got my cover art from the same website I used to get pictures from for my video, pixabay. Here is the link. Canva was a real easy website to use. They have images of their own you can choose from. They have free images and ones you have to pay for. The images typically run a dollar for each one. I have used these websites quite a bit for creating items for my book. Extremely useful.


  • Creating a Digital Copy. To create my digital copy of my book, I used the Amazon KDP site. The overall set-up was pretty easy. It took me several attempts to get the interior to look right. I downloaded my book from Google Docs onto a pdf, epub, and microsoft word. I tried each one and the one that looked the best was microsoft word. Even with microsoft word it took me several attempts. After digging through the help pages to figure out how to make my title page, copyright page, and chapters on separate pages, I finally found the answer. Page Breaks. Click your cursor right after your information or end of your chapter and add a page break. This will keep your information on separate pages in your digital copy. Make sure to preview your work, before you submit. It can take up to 72 hours before your book will show up for sale or presale. I only had to wait a little less than 24 hours before my showed up for pre-order.  


  • Paperback Copy and Advertisement. I will make a separate blog post for this. I am currently in the middle of working on these.
    • Some of the advertisements I am looking at Facebook ads and Amazon ads. You can also set up an author page on Amazon and on Goodreads. I will post about these when I have more information.
    • For a paperback copy, I am looking at two options. Amazon has a beta program right now that offers you to print on demand a paperback version of your book. They don’t offer any special discounts for the author to buy your book in bulk or an author proof as of now. Create-a-space is also a print on demand site. They allow you the option to sell your book on Amazon as well. They do offer special discounts for authors and an author proof. This is all I can write about this since haven’t finished this part of the process yet.
  • Thank you for reading. Below is my Book Trailer.