How I Self Published my book part 2 Paperback

My last blog I talked about several of the challenges I faced with self publishing. This blog I am going to discuss what I did to get a paperback version of my book.


  • Amazon or Createspace? Last time I hadn’t decided which company I wanted to work with. Amazon offered a print on demand like Createspace. Here are some of the differences that I noticed.
    • Amazon was able to use the same files you uploaded for your e-reader. The cover creator was very simple and easy to use. They provided a free ISBN number. They did not offer your book to any other distributors. They did not have a discount for authors to buy their books. Authors would have to pay full price and shipping. Amazon has a deal that if you buy books direct from Amazon worth $25, you will get free shipping.
    • Createspace has a template that you can download to make sure your work is the right format for their standards. They template is difficult for to use, especially if it is your first time. Give yourself several days to work on this. Basically, you take your work and cut and paste it into the formate. There are some glitches. There was a chapter that kept displaying the header, when it was suppose to be blank. I only had issues with that one chapter. No matter what I did, I couldn’t make it stop from showing up. Plus if I deleted it, the header on all the corresponding pages of that chapter and the previous chapter were also deleted. I am sure there must be some what to fix this, but I couldn’t find it. I checked several help pages to no avail. Eventually I decided I really didn’t need a header on each page and got rid of it. Createspace gives you a lot of extra pages, they can be deleted if you click the nonprinting button in your toolbar. Do not just backspace your pages where you want them, this will mess up your page numbers. Createspace provides you with an ISBN number for free. They also offer several other choices for a fee. Your book will be available for other distributors like Barnes and Noble and Libraries. Your book will also be available on Amazon. They offer a discounted rate for authors to purchase their books. They have a cover creator tool. There are some preloaded formats, but they allow you to upload your own cover.


  • Which one did I choose? Well it was a hard choice, but I decided to go with Createspace. The reason I chose them is the the discounted rate I would be able to purchase my book for. I am planning to go to cons and to hold book signing events. I will need to be able to buy my book in bulk and still be able to make some profit instead of being in the red.


  • Createspace does offer to a service to help you upload your work, but I am cheap. I did this myself.
    • The template is difficult, but with practice I believe I will be better and quicker at converting my work to their format. Make sure to give yourself several days if not at least week before you want to publish to convert your work. Createspace will let you see what your book will look like to preview. It will also inform you of any issue it detects. It takes about 24 hours for them to okay your work. They email you and inform you of any problems they see. Make sure you look through your work carefully. Pages numbers match. Headers are where they are suppose to be. There aren’t any large holes in your work. Once you’re satisfied, you will confirm it and it will be available 3 to 5 days on Amazon. Mine showed up the next morning on Amazon.


    • The cover creator is decent. I uploaded my own front and back. I used to create my covers. I used the kindle size and that worked for my print version. Once you upload it, check to make sure all the words and pictures are on their correctly and won’t get cut off on the sides. It may take you several tries to get it exactly the way you want it. You will also be able to decide if you want the glossy or matte finish for your cover. I went with matte because some of the reviews I saw over the internet recommended the matte finish over the glossy.


  • I placed an order for my books. I have not received them yet. As soon as they come in, I will post pictures of them and we can see how they look.


  • Next I will be posting pictures of my book and I will be talking more about advertising.


Thanks for reading,

J. O. Young


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How I Self Published my First Book part 1

♦My name is J. O. Young. I am so excited to have my first book, The Freaks Episode 1 The Guardian, on Amazon for pre-order. It took a lot of work, which is expected. Once I was done, I didn’t know what to do with it. Send it to an agent and go the traditional route or go self published. I did a lot of research and went to a few writing conferences. I mingled and talked to all the traditional and indie authors. Everyone said that a hybrid is the way to go.

♦Hybrid was the answer, but it still didn’t answer my question of what to do with the Freaks. I looked up several of the packages that a newbie author could receive if published. It wasn’t much, but a digital copy, a promotional kit for you to promote your book, and maybe a few print copies. Unless you were a blockbuster hit, you were pretty much on your own. Well, I can make my own digital copy and thanks to Amazon new paperback publishing feature and CreateSpace I could create a paperback as well. So, I was on the road to be an indie author.

♦What were the challenges I faced.

  1. Editing
  2. Editing
  3. Creating an Audience
  4. Cover Art
  5. Make my own Digital Copy
  6. Make my own Paperback Copy
  7. Advertisement
  8. and editing.


  • Editing. This is one of the hardest parts I faced. I was tempted several times to hire an editor, but that can be really expensive. I didn’t want to have debt built up from things I could do myself with just a little more work. What I suggest is copy and paste your work on Google docs. It is free to use. They have a great spell check tool. Read your work in sections when your are editing. Take breaks. If you power through your whole book you will miss mistakes. Get a friend, husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, parent, sibling, someone who you can trust. You need them to be honest with you and put in too much of their own preference in their suggestions. The great thing about Google docs is the sharing. I was able to share this with my husband and mother. They were such a big help in helping me. This feature also lets you share with beta readers. Google docs gives you options on how much you want the reader to be able to do on your document. You can allow them to edit, just make comments, or they can only read it. You can prevent them from downloading and sharing the link to your story. I really found this useful. Make sure to give yourself some time to edit. Do a chapter at a time. I wouldn’t recommend doing a major edit right after you have just finished writing your first draft. For some this may work, but it didn’t for me. I already knew what it was suppose to say pretty much word for word. I couldn’t see the errors. Give yourself a couple of days in between. I would also recommend to do your revisions first before you do your line edits.


  • Creating an Audience. This is hard and there is no guarantees. I am still working on this myself. All I can do is tell you want I am doing so far.
    • First, I created a Facebook page for my book and got all my friends and family to like and follow the page. Then, I started posting updates of what chapter I was editing or if I was world building. I shared some pictures that represented some propaganda that would exist in my word. As time went by more followers started following the page and my posts started to reach more people. I suggest to join any writer clubs that are on Facebook to give you a place to advertise your work and to get advice. Don’t always just post things about your book on these sites. Make sure to like and comment on other people’s post. This will help build up contacts and a great way to make friends that understand the writing world.
    • Next I created a blog. Which is what I am doing now. I don’t have a lot of information on this. I am still new to the blog scene. But there are lots of blogs about how to write a successful blog. I would suggest reading some of those before you get started. This will help you get a vision of how you want your blog to be. Remember building an audience takes time, patience, and perseverance.
    • Create a book trailer. Videos are a great way to build up excitement for your book. There are a lot of websites out there for your to create your trailer. I chose to go with YouTube. They had variety of music for to choose from. The images I used were from pixabay. It is an awesome website that contains images free to use.


  • Cover Art. I used a website called Canva to create all my facebook ad posts, to edit pictures, and for my cover art for my digital copy. Here is a link to the website. I got my cover art from the same website I used to get pictures from for my video, pixabay. Here is the link. Canva was a real easy website to use. They have images of their own you can choose from. They have free images and ones you have to pay for. The images typically run a dollar for each one. I have used these websites quite a bit for creating items for my book. Extremely useful.


  • Creating a Digital Copy. To create my digital copy of my book, I used the Amazon KDP site. The overall set-up was pretty easy. It took me several attempts to get the interior to look right. I downloaded my book from Google Docs onto a pdf, epub, and microsoft word. I tried each one and the one that looked the best was microsoft word. Even with microsoft word it took me several attempts. After digging through the help pages to figure out how to make my title page, copyright page, and chapters on separate pages, I finally found the answer. Page Breaks. Click your cursor right after your information or end of your chapter and add a page break. This will keep your information on separate pages in your digital copy. Make sure to preview your work, before you submit. It can take up to 72 hours before your book will show up for sale or presale. I only had to wait a little less than 24 hours before my showed up for pre-order.  


  • Paperback Copy and Advertisement. I will make a separate blog post for this. I am currently in the middle of working on these.
    • Some of the advertisements I am looking at Facebook ads and Amazon ads. You can also set up an author page on Amazon and on Goodreads. I will post about these when I have more information.
    • For a paperback copy, I am looking at two options. Amazon has a beta program right now that offers you to print on demand a paperback version of your book. They don’t offer any special discounts for the author to buy your book in bulk or an author proof as of now. Create-a-space is also a print on demand site. They allow you the option to sell your book on Amazon as well. They do offer special discounts for authors and an author proof. This is all I can write about this since haven’t finished this part of the process yet.
  • Thank you for reading. Below is my Book Trailer.