Black Cat Sleight of Hand Review From issues 9-10



Black Cat 10


Writer:  Jed MacKay

Artist:  Kris Anka

Color Artist:  Brian Reber

Letterer:  Ferran Delgado



Black Cat on the behest of her former mentor, Black Fox, goest to steal an old painting. Things get a little complicated when she discovers someone has beaten her to it. Not to mention, the owner of the painting is none other than Wolverine. Black Cat and Wolverine team up to get back all of his stolen possessions with the catch being she gets to keep the painting.

Story and Art

I enjoyed the art. The artist did a great job depicting the story. I liked how the story went from the past to her training with Black Fox to the present explaining the Magic she was performing for this heist. Deadpool’s sudden appearance in the story was amusing. I didn’t care for Wolverine’s character. It felt like he was just there and it could have been anybody. I found it funny when red hair was mentioned in the story. She really doesn’t like red hair. That was a neat tie in from her past with Spiderman. The cover art is gorgeous. It was done by J. Scott Campbell and Sabine Rich. I really liked the covers. Issue 10’s cover is what caught my eye.


This was a fun story. I enjoyed how the jumps between the past to the present was written. It made it really interesting. I wish Wolverine had a little more to do with the story than to be just dragged along. The art in it was great. It depicted the story and all the action well. I like how all the characters were drawn. Overall, I enjoyed the story and rated it 3 out of 5 stars.

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