Wonder Woman Eyes of the Gorgon Review

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Wonder Woman Eyes of th Gorgon



Writer:  Greg Rucka

Artists:  Drew Jonjson, James Raiz, Sean Phillips, and Ray Snyder


The story starts off with the goddesses confronting Hera for knocking Themyscrira from the sky. She explains that she became jealous of Zeus who was spying on Artemis as she was bathing. Athena and the goddess discuss how Zeus has become unfit to rule the gods. Athena comes up with a plot to overthrow her father. Then we jump to Circe warning Medusa that her plan will not work. Medusa doesn’t listen and teleports with the help of Circe to Wonder Woman’s embassy. She becomes frightened of all the cars and people around her that she transfers back. Medusa decides to let Circe help with the plan. There are two major plots in this story. One is the build-up to the fight between Wonder Woman and Medusa and the other is Athena’s plan to take Zeus’s throne.


Writer and Artist

The story and art were well done in the Eyes of the Gorgon. The story takes the reader on a high stakes battle with the Gorgons and Circe. The artists did a great job depicting these action-packed scenes. I loved the armor Wonder Woman wears to battle Medusa. The cover art was done by J. G. Jones and it is just gorgeous.


I had to put this one down a few times. There is a lot of slow build-up to the action scenes. But once Wonder Woman attends the dinner at the White House, then the action starts and continues pretty much to the end of the story. Wonder Woman goes from fighting Medusa to Briareos, guardian of Zeus’s throne, to the Justice League. The story was fun and action-packed. I really enjoyed the fight scenes. Medusa and Wonder Woman’s fight was my favorite of the battles in this book. Greg Ruka at first builds your sympathy for Medusa in Bitter Rivals, but in the Eyes of the Gorgon that sympathy is gone as Medusa’s evil nature comes to light. You are definitely rooting for Wonder Woman to defeat this Gorgon. I didn’t care for how suddenly Wonder Woman is fighting the Justice League at the end of the graphic. There was no real set up for that and it wasn’t a smooth transition. The ending of Eyes of the Gorgon sets up the next story in this series. I rated this story 4 out of 5 stars and I’m anxious to see what is in store for Wonder Woman as the gods of Olympus seek their revenge.

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