The Cimmerian Queen of the Black Coast Review

Watch the Book of the Nerd Review of The Cimmerian Queen of the Black Coast issue 1 and 2 or read the review below the video.


Original Story Written by Robert E. Howard

Writer and Adaptor:  Jean-David Morvan

Artist:  Pierre Alary

If you haven’t already guessed, I am a fan of the Conan universe. One of my favorite characters, Red Sonja, originated from that universe. I enjoy fantasy and swords. What can I say? When I saw this company put out a story about Belit, I had to give it a try. The Queen of the Black Coast is only two issues, and it adapts Robert E. Howard’s story of Belit and Conan. This comic is not PG. There are nudity scenes in it.

The comic does a great job of adapting the original story. It is a quick read and entertaining, and I enjoyed the comic’s art and adaptation of the tale. At the back of both comics, was Robert E. Howard’s original tale. It was fun to read the original story of Belit and to see the adaptation with it. This comic isn’t for everyone based on the nudity, but it was fun to be able to read the classic story. The tale of Belit has definitely been expanded in the comics. When you read the original story, you can see why. Belit is a mysterious pirate queen. Strong and charismatic enough to command her own ship, build up a reputation, and to ensnare Conan’s heart.


I rated this comic 3 stars. It was so neat to be able to read the classic version in a comic and written form. If you enjoy classics and want to see where Belit’s character began, then check this one out.

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