Review of Wonder Woman Bitter Rivals

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Bitter Rivals Grahic



Writer:  Greg Ruka

Artists:  Drew Johnson, Shane Davis, Steve Sadowski, and Linda Medley





Bitter Rivals begins with Wonder Girl, Cassie, telling Martin and Robert a bedtime story. The story tells a kid-friendly version of how Medusa came to be and her bitter end. This story sets up the background for Medusa one of the storylines in Bitter Rivals.

Then, we are rushed off to Wonder Woman, who has had a horrible couple of days. The events take place after one of the leaders to a group that protest Wonder Woman was shot and killed during a march against Wonder Woman. Unfortunately, Wonder Woman wasn’t there to prevent it. She was lured away by an attack from Silver Swan. Wonder Woman is rushing to Themyscira to heal the defeated Silver Swan, who has become more machine than human. When she arrives, Wonder Woman discovers that Themyscira has been knocked out from their place in the sky and has crashed into the ocean. Artemis has ordered all non-Amazons to leave the island. Wonder Woman argues for her to save Silver Swan, but Artemis says they have too much on their plate to deal with non-Amazons. She tells Wonder Woman to put being an ambassador at the top of her priorities. The Amazon doctors were able to remove a timed poison that was going to kill Silver Swan. Wonder Woman heads back to the United States.

During Themescyra’s crash into the ocean, Circe was thrown into the ocean and a Gorgon escaped. The Gorgon dives into the ocean to save Circe so she will owe her a favor.

Bitter Rivals has 4 storylines being weaved together.

1.Wonder Woman Searching for a doctor to help save Silver Swan.

2. Wonder Woman asks Batman to solve who killed the leader of the protestors. Batman searches for clues and meets Wonder Woman to give her what he as uncovered.

3. Dr. Cale’s attempt to make Wonder Woman look bad in the press and the readers get her backstory.

4. The Gorgon sisters try to get a reluctant Circe to bring Medusa back to life.


Writer and Artist


The art was great. It did an excellent job of painting the story. You see real pain in Wonder Woman as she watches the Mother of Silver Swan weep at her daughter’s bedside. I love the Batman and Wonder Woman cover. It is so awesome.  I would love to have a print to hang this up above my desk. The writer, Greg Ruka,  did an excellent job of weaving four storylines together to get a cliff hanger that has you ready for the continuation of the story.



I really enjoyed this story. I am picking up the next story, Eyes of the Gorgon, to see what happen next after that cliff hanger. I rated Bitter Rivals 4 stars. It was a great read and it left me with wanting to know more.

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