Justice Review

Justice Vol 1

Story by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross

Script by Jim Krueger

Art by Doug Braithwaite and Alex Ross

Lettering by Todd Klein

Covers by Alex Ross





“The villain, in his mind, is the hero. That is where true evil resides,” Jim Krueger

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Justice is one of my favorite storylines. I have reread this one multiple times. I love this story that is paired up with spectacular art. Justice brings our heroes back to their roots. Wonder Woman is still made from clay, and Dick Grayson is still Robin. This story is good vs. evil. Villians trying to save the world in their own twisted way and taking out the Justice League to do it. The heroes will have to put everyone they love on the line if they want to save humanity. It is an epic story told in beautifully detailed art.


Justice Vol 2

Justice beings with a dream of destruction. The Justice League is doing everything they can to save their cities but to no avail. The Earth and everyone on it dies. The Villains of Earth have been plagued by these horrible dreams for days on end. They start to perform good deeds for the innocents. The villains decide to team up under the command of Lex Luther, Gorilla Grodd, and Brainiac to save humanity. To do this, they have to take out the very people sworn to protect it, the Justice League.
Things heat up when Aquaman is captured and is forced to endure Brainiac experiments. Brainiac searches for what makes Aquaman different. One of the most memorable and just epic crazy moments in the series is with Wonder Woman. She has something awful happen to her because of Cheetah. We, as readers, get to see Wonder Woman’s true strength of character. I won’t spoil it, but if you have read it, you know what I’m talking about. When she removes her helmet in Volume 3. It is an oh wow moment on several different levels.


Justice Vol 3

This series is incredible. It was a favorite of mine when I first read it, and it continues to stand the test of time. Justice has remained on my favorite list for a long time. The storytelling is so good. The writer really plays with the concept of villains as heroes or at least in their own minds. In the forward, Jim Krueger says the villain in his mind is the hero, and that is will pure evil resides. He definitely uses these concepts in several different exciting ways as the story delves deeper into the villain’s plans. Brainiac’s plot is just insanely brilliant especially when he compares himself to Superman.



The art in this is just amazing. It has beautiful backgrounds and scenery with realistic-looking heroes. The monsters are gruesome. Alex Ross and Jim Krueger do not shy away from the details of every single character. The art adds to the dramatic scenes and the heartwrenching moments.




I love this story. It has been a favorite of mine for a long time. Of course, I rate it five stars. The story really dives into the psyche of a villain. It humanizes our heroes as they struggle to fight a united and powered up villains. In this, we see all our favorite classic bad guys and gals. Alex Ross mentioned his inspiration for Justice was from an old cartoon called The Challenge of Super Friends, which had them pitted against the Legion of Doom. This is definitely evident as you read about the villains teaming up to create this overpowered team. You also see it in the friendships the heroes have with each other and the focus they have on their responsibilities. The reader gets to know each hero’s strength, weakness, and the personal sacrifice they are willing to make to save humanity. One of the things I really enjoyed in Volume 3 was how the heroes relied on each other to do their part. Each hero had a role to play in the JLA’s plan to save humanity. Volume 1 and 2 definitely build to the action-packed conclusion in Volume 3. I was sad that it couldn’t have been longer because I enjoyed the story so much I wasn’t ready for it to end.

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