Age of Conan Belit Mini-Series Review


Watch the Book of Nerd review of Age of Conan Belit Mini-Series or read the review below the video.

Belit 1

Writer:  Tini Howard

Penciler:  Kate Niemczyk

Cover Artist:  Sana Takeda

Publisher:  Marvel



I was excited to see Marvel do a mini-series with this character. She is an interesting character in the Conan world that was kind of forgotten. When I saw that they were doing a mini-series of her origins, I had to pick it up. The series did not disappoint either. Belit mini-series was filled with fantastic art, engaging story, and a bonus short at the end of every comic. If you haven’t tried this series yet and are of a fan of the Conan universe, I definitely recommend it.
The tale dives into creating her origin, and her character make up. She is the daughter of a pirate captain and was raised by him alone since her mother perished when she was a baby. After his death of her father, she is flung into the pirate world. She hungers for a ship of her own and the ability to control her own fate no matter the cost or self-sacrifice it requires. She begins her career as a pirate, with the captain not taking her seriously of even acknowledging her as one of them. She starts to prove herself when she devises a plan to earn them a lot of gold. As the years pass, she gains favor with the crew and builds the ire of the captain and his first mate.


The art was beautifully done. The covers and inside work were stunning. The colors and style really captured the fantasy of sailing the high seas. I like how the artist always made Belit stand out. It helped emphasized her magnetism toward the crew and others. She had this natural leadership that the artist did an excellent job of portraying. Belit grew up in this mini-series. She started as a young teenager and grew into an adult. The artist did a great job of gradually showing her age.


The writer did a fantastic job with this story. I like how we get to see her grow up and struggle with the choices she makes to fulfill her desire for control. Belit is determined to be the master of her own fate and ship. We, as the readers, get to see her prove that as makes hard choices to keep that future secured. N’Yaga’s character, which was introduced early on in the series, becomes such an endearing character in the story. We can see how he looks out for her and how she trusts him. N’Yaga becomes like an advisor for her, even though she doesn’t always listen to him.
Short Story
In the back of each issue is a short story written by Michael A. Stackpole. He is known for writing Star Wars novels. The story he writes delves into an adventure of Belit that takes place when she is an adult and before she meets Conan. She wants to steal a map that will show her where all the treasures on Earth are hidden. N’Yaga warns her that fate has predicted a fatal outcome with a black mane lion. He tries to convince her not to go after it. Belit has never been one to believe in fate, ignores her trusted friend, and seeks out to steal the map. Of course, her plan doesn’t work out liked she hoped. Now, she must figure out how N’Yaga and her are going to escape alive. This story was amazing. The writer did an excellent job of capturing the fill of old fantasy and high adventures. Each comic had a piece of the story until the last issue of Belit, where the story finished.


The Belit mini-series was an enjoyable read. It had a fantastic story, amazing art, and a wonderfully written short story. Basically, you got two stories for the price of one. I rate this mini-series 4 stars. I enjoyed the character development of Belit. We got to see her developed into this driven pirate captain that has a thirst for gold and adventures. I enjoyed how the writer tied in an event in her future with Conan into the story. It was a nice touch. If you enjoy high seas adventure, spectacular art, and the Conan universe, I recommend you give this story a read.

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