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Book of the Nerd Review JLA 225 226 227

I enjoyed reading the Fiatlux Trilogy. The reader got to interact with the Justice League’s other members besides the big three. I will give a brief none spoiler summary, discuss the art and story, then finish up with my finale thoughts and rating. Let’s get started.



AtomAtom is returning to work as a Physic Professor and walks to his office. He hears someone inside. He opens the door to discover a group of thugs is stealing his new discovery, the Luciferase.

Then the point of view switches to Black Canary and Green Arrow having a quiet dinner with Hawkgirl and Hawkman. When suddenly, they are called to JLA headquarters. Once they are there, the Atom informs them about what happened. Also joining their meeting is Zatanna. The group decides to split up. Green Arrow, Black Canary, Zatanna, and Hawkgirl are going to follow a lead on a mysterious group that might have the luciferase. Hawkman and Atom stay behind to fix the computer to be able to trace the luciferase.

The comic then follows Black Canary, Green Arrow, Zatanna, and Hawkgirl to check on this lead. They run into a most definitely evil-looking cult with long purple robes. The cult is called the Fiatlux. Cue our first fight scene. Hawkgirl and Black Canary were tanks in these scenes. Each heroine helping out Green Arrow and Zatanna. Black Canary even comments that she needs to teach Zatanna how to fight when she is unable to work her magic. They discover that Fiatlux has some nefarious purpose for the luciferase which leads to the capture of one of our heroes.

Green Arrow and Black CanaryIn issue 226, the reader follows Hawkman and Atom. They fix the computer and get a trace of the chemical. They team up with Elongated Man and Red Tornado to go investigate. They have their own battle on their hands. It cuts to Green Arrow, Black Canary, Hawkgirl, and Zatanna a couple up times to set things for the exciting conclusion.

In 227, our teams unite and face off against the villainous Fiatlux cult and dragons. They discover the real mastermind of the plot. Did I mention they fight DRAGONS?


I enjoyed the art style. It had that classic feel to it. I like how the colorist made Hellrazer this translucent yellow. It really gave him an otherworldly feel to him. When our heroes travel to Perdition, the artists really gave it a barren and unpleasant feel to the landscape. When Green Arrow complains about having to wait around longer in that place, you understand how he feels. I would not want to hang around there at all!


Hawkman and HawkgirlI had a fun time reading the Fiatlux Trilogy. I thought the writer did a great job! He masterfully had one incident break the story up in two separate adventures then combine them back together for the conclusion. When the writer reveals the sinister plot behind this it gives the reader a sense of how massive this endeavor was for our villain. I enjoyed that you can pick up this story arc and not feel like you were lost and had to read the previous two hundred twenty-four issues before it. It only has I believe two instances were the writer mentions a previous event, but it doesn’t leave you with any sense of confusion or feeling lost.

Final Thoughts

ZatannaOverall, I rated the Fiatlux Trilogy 3.5 stars. It was a solid read with a really fun ending. The ending battle was fun with dragons and curses. In the beginning, the writer really put a spotlight on how strong and fearless Black Canary and Hawkgirl were. Throughout the series, he highlighted the Atom’s unique powers and how clever he was. In the end, it was Zatanna who shone as her magic was crucial to our heroes’ plight. Typically, when I read JLA stories it is about the big three, Superman, Batman, and Wonderwoman, with sometimes Green Lantern or the Flash making appearances. It was fun to read about characters that are not normally who you think of when you think of the JLA. I am planning to read more of this JLA series. If you saw my comic haul video on Book of the Nerd, then you know that I bought a few more issues of this JLA. I really enjoyed Fiatlux Trilogy and I am looking forward to more fun stores from these heroes.

The Fiatlux Trilogy was written by Joey Cavalieri. Penciller was Chuck Patton. Inker was Pablo Marcus. Letterer was Ben Oda. Colorist was Gene D’Angelo.

Have you read the Fiatlux Trilogy from Justice League America 255, 226, and 227?

What other team members of the JLA team to you really enjoying reading about? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time!


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