My Review of Sapphique by Catherine Fisher

Sapphique by Catherine Fisher


Sapphique is the sequel to Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. This book continues the adventures of Claudia, Finn, Jared, Keiro, and Attia. Each character gets a section of the book to tell their part of the story as we are pulled through this mysterious and and dangerous world they live in.

Finn struggles to remember who he really is. Whenever he thinks too hard he is overwhelmed with a seizure. Finn is forced to play a deadly game to keep his throne and his life from his evil stepmother, the queen who put him in Incarceron.

Claudia digs through the deception all around her to discover the truth of Incarceron while trying to help Finn outmaneuver the queen and the Steel Wolves from taking their lives and Finn’s throne.

Attia shows us what it is like trying to survive in Incarceron. How do you run from Incarceron when it is the very thing you live in? Attia will have to put her trust in the arrogant and gruff Keiro as they desperately seek a way out of the prison. Keiro is a hard person for Attia to trust when he openly admits that he would leave her behind if she got in his way. But, Keiro and Attia need each other if they ever hope to survive Incarceron and see the outside world.

Claudia’s tutor, Jared, has found the answer to Incarceron. He will have to dodge assassins and fight against his own body to bring the forbidden knowledge to Claudia.

These five will have to trust each other in a world full of lies if they ever want to escape their prisons made of wires and gears. Sapphique is an interesting conclusion to the duology. The story shows how insane the machine, Incarceron, has become. The living conditions for the inhabitants of the prison are horrific. The people living in the outside world had been led to believe that life inside of Incarceron is a paradise. Repeatedly, Finn has to inform them that they are wrong. That Incarceron is a nightmare.

The use of hidden advanced technology being used in a world that has forgotten how to use it is fascinating. Fisher does an excellent job describing the deceptive outside world and the suffering inside the prison. The twist about the location of the prison was very surprising. The location definitely added to the sense of a world living in the ruins of another. Sapphique is full of surprises and twists. In a world that is built to Era and hides all of the imperfections, nothing is what it seems. I enjoyed this book. It was a fun read. I’m looking forward to reading more books by Catherine Fisher.

Have you read Incarceron and Sapphique? What were your thoughts?

Incarceron and Sapphique


Check out the book trailer and a video from the author about the duology.



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