When Bounty Calls

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The engines hummed in the background. The warm coffee tasted bitter. 

“Hey, you’re up,” a deep-voiced echoed.

“Couldn’t sleep. I’ve been watching the bounty board,” I yawned.

“Anything good, Sonja?”

“Not a one,” I groaned.

Griffin poured a cup of coffee. He took a drink, then grimaced. “This is awful.”

I laughed. “How are we on supplies?”

He took another sip, then answered. We need to stock up on the basics, plus Maggie wants some upgrades for the ship. Something about jumping space quicker.”

“She mentioned it to me yesterday.”

I paused as my eyes caught sight of a new bounty. It was close to our location. The bounty was on Tamaar, which wasn’t even a light-year away. 

“Griffin, look.” I pointed to the screen.

He read the message aloud. “Angler Tech is searching for bounty hunters to recover stolen information and the capture of a thief.”

“What do you think?” I grinned.

“Sounds like what we need.” 

I sent our request to Angler Tech. The large screen in the room flickered on to reveal a middle-aged blue man with gills on his face. 

“Is this communication about the bounty that Angler Tech placed?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“Transmit your qualifications.”

Griffin leaned to the panel and pushed a few buttons. “Our records have been sent.”

“Please hold.”


The screen started cycling through the scenery of their watery planet, Sedonia. The blue man again appeared. “You’re competing with another group commanded by Captain Garrick.”

“He’s nothing but a con artist,” Griffin pointed out. 

“That’s what Garrick said about you,” he replied.

I sighed. “Look. We have experience in tracking. Check our record. We have a high success rate of bringing perps back alive. Garrick doesn’t possess the finesse to recover sensitive information. If you want this job done quickly and have your target alive, then we’re the best bounty hunters for this job.”

“Please hold while the information is considered.”

Griffin frowned. “How’s it that we’re always crossing paths with that scum.”

I shook my head. “Just lucky.”

He laughed. “Or cursed.”

After a few moments, the screen turned back on. This time a plump blue man with gills greeted us. His appearance shared that of a bass fish from Earth. He eyed us, then attempted an awkward grin. 

“My name is Marlin. I’m the owner of Angler Tech. We employed a man named Samuel O’Donald. He was on the team that created our newest tech. This will revolutionize our world. He became disgruntled and stole the plans. The last we heard, he was hiding on Tamaar. We want the plans to return safely. We also want O’Donald back alive so he may face trial for his betrayal.”

I nodded. “Consider it done.”

“Excellent. Until next time,” Marlin said, then the screen went black.

Griffin and I walked out of communications. He went to the engine room, and I walked to the bridge. JT was rubbing the sleep from his eyes as he relaxed in the pilot’s seat.

“Sonja,” he smiled.

“Good morning. Ready to earn some credits?” I asked.

His eyes lit up as he sat up straight. “Heck yeah!”

“Set course to Tamaar.”

JT turned to the controls and typed in the coordinates. The hum of the engines grew as we prepared to space jump. I secured myself in the captain’s chair and then clicked the intercom for the ship.

“Maddie. Griffin. Prepare for a space jump.”

The engines now sounded like a roar. The speed was continually increasing. The stars in the distance looked like lines instead of glowing orbs. 

JT cleared his throat. “This is my favorite part. We’ll jump in 3..2..1..now!”

The force slammed my body back into the chair. After several minutes, our ship started to slow. Soon the stars appeared normal again.

“How far are we from Tamaar?”

“We should be there within an Earth hour.”

“Let me know when we’ve arrived.”

JT gave me a thumbs up. Griffin and I used the time to prep our gear and go over a plan. We know that O’Donald was on Tamaar, but that’s it. Angler tech sent us his personal information along with pictures.

“Where do you think O’Donald will hide?” Griffin said as he looked over the map of Tamaar. 

“Tamaar is mostly a desert,” I said.

“I get why he chose this place. The Sedonians couldn’t handle this climate. No wonder they needed to hire hunters,” Griffin said.

“This guy is a scientist. What does he intend to do with those plans?” I wondered.

“Perhaps, he wants to sell them. He could be hiding somewhere in the desert,” Griffin suggested.

I shook my head. “Possibly. However, if he wants to sell them, he would likely need to stay close to the city. Plus, it’s dangerous in the outskirts for a civilian like him,” I reasoned.

“There are three large urban cities. Which one?” Griffin asked.

“Let’s split the cities among us. We’ll land our shuttlepod in this village.” I pointed to Raymoor. It was located in the center of the three cities. 

“Good plan.”

“We have arrived at Tamaar,” JT voice sounded over the comms. 

Maddie, Griffin, and I boarded the shuttlepod. It wasn’t long before we landed in Raymoor. The city was covered in sand. Their buildings were white with a reddish discoloration. Each of us set out for one of the large cities. 


It was half a day’s ride on a sand buggy to the city I chose called Brightloch. The town was located inside a glass dome, which made it look like a greenhouse. The guards scanned my ID as I entered. A vast difference compared to the wasteland I had traversed. The city smelled of a healthy plant life. The sidewalks were wet from the automated sprinklers, and large strange foliage leaned over the concrete paths. Soon, I heard loud music thumping. I smiled as I entered a cantina. A tall Tamaarian woman with red hair tended the bar. The place had a few patrons already inside. I took a seat and waited for her. 

“What will it be, stranger?” She asked with a welcoming grin.

“What do you recommend?”

“Tourists tend to enjoy the green tonic made from Tamaar grapes,” she replied.

“I’ll take one.”

She poured a chunky green liquid into a small cup, then handed it to me.

“Thanks. I could also use directions,” I smiled.

“What are you looking for?” she asked.

“My brother loves looking through old books. Is there any place like that around?”

“There are a few bookstores throughout the city, but if your brother wants to see old books, then the Brightloch Library is the place.”

“That’s right up his alley. Where’s that located?”

“Near the center of town in the exotic garden district. You can’t miss it.”

“Thank you. Oh.” I laid a picture of O’Donald on the bar. “This is my brother’s friend. He’s supposed to meet us here. Have you seen him?”

She looked at the picture and shook her head.


She then moved to the next customer. I spot a couple giggling as they glanced at a menu. I slid the drink to them and smiled.

“To the happy couple,” I said, then left.

The sun was setting. The dark reds and oranges radiated off the glass that encased the city. The whole place seemed to be glowing. The Brightloch Library stood tall in the city. Unique plants and decorative fountains surrounded the structure. I walked up the steps to a giant door. My fingers wrapped around the handle and pulled. Locked. Lights started to turn on around the garden. My boots echoed as I jogged down to the sidewalk. My pace slowed as I reached a giant marble statue of a ship navigating around a planet. A man with shaggy blonde hair and dark-rimmed glasses stood, staring at the art. I pulled the picture of O’Donald out of my pocket. This was my lucky day. I stuffed the picture back and strolled over to him.

“Lovely,” I whispered.

He turned and looked. “Yes. Planets with the capacity for life are such rare things. To me, it’s always remarkable…well…nevermind.” 

“Life is remarkable. By the way, my name is Sonja.”

“Oh. I’m Sam. Nice to meet you.” He extended his hand. 

My hand gripped his firm as the other slapped on a pair of handcuffs. The color drained from his face. He tried yanking away. I pulled the chain of the cuffs closer to me.

“Enough, O’Donald. This is the price you pay.”

He sank to his knees. “They’re going to kill me!” He wailed.

I pulled him up. “Do you have the plans?”

His body trembled. I took a deep breath. “I’m not going to hurt you. All I want are the plans. Where are they?”

He looked defeated. “They…are…always on me.”

“Where?” I asked.

He pointed to a pocket in his shirt. I reached in and pulled out a small blue chip. 

“Is this it?” I frowned.

He nodded.

“When we return to my ship, I will check this. You better be telling the truth, so things will continue to go smoothly while you’re in my custody.”

“Yes. That is it. No lies,” Sam said, stumbling over his words.

“Let’s go.”

I pushed O’Donald forward as he sobbed. The ride back to Raymoor was uneventful. O’Donald calmed himself down and sat slumped in the seat next to me. He doesn’t appear like someone accustomed to being on the wrong side of the law. Why would he steal the plans? Money? Fame? Something isn’t adding up. I shook my head. 

The lights on the comms flashed. I frowned. We’re still a few minutes away from Raymoor. We shouldn’t be in range of the city, yet.

“This is Captain Sonja.”

“Hello Sonja,” a crude voice echoed. 

“Garrick,” I sneered. “What do you want?”

“What do I want,” he laughed. “Isn’t that obvious? You have my bounty. Hand over O’Donald and the plans. In return, I’ll let you walk away.”

“How cute. You think you’re intimidating,” I scoffed.

“Do you think three armed rovers aimed at your little sand buggy are cute? I only read two humanoids. Your pilot isn’t there to get you out of this one. Hand over the bounty!”

“Would you destroy the bounty, moron?” I questioned.

“Don’t be stupid. This is not worth your life. Stop now and hand over what’s mine.”

I leaned over to O’Donald and whispered. “Hold on.”

His hands trembled as he tightened the safety belt. 

“Here’s a fun fact for you, Garrick. Did you know what I did before I became a bounty hunter?”

“Stop stalling,” he grumbled.

I smirk. “I was a scout pilot for the armed forces of Earth.”

My foot slammed on the pedal, and the buggy lurched forward. Explosions sent sand flying as I dodged. Sweat beaded up on my face as I refused to blink. My hands jerked the wheel, avoiding an eruption of fire and debris. The wheels came to a screeching halt as the buggy safely crossed into Raymoor. Armed guards ran out behind us and shot at Garrick’s men. Two guards yelled at us to exit the vehicle. I yanked O’Donald out. I raised one of my hands while the other held onto O’Donald’s cuffs. 

“Identification, now!” The guard pushed a gun to my chest.

“Easy. I’m Captain Sonja, a bounty hunter. This is my suspect. Here’s my identification,” I said as I slowly reached into my pocket and handed them the card.

The guard scanned my identification, then nodded. “Okay. You check out. What was that all about?”

“That was a disagreement. A disgruntled hunter was trying to steal a bounty,” I answered.

“Next time, keep your disagreements out of Raymoor,” the guard stated.

“Yes, sir.”

I led O’Donald away from the guards and toward the docking bay. 

“You were a pilot for Earth?” O’Donald’s quiet voice barely reached my ears.

“That was a lifetime ago,” I grinned.

“You didn’t hand me over when it would’ve been easier. Why?’

“I’m not in the habit of handing over bounties, especially to men like Garrick. If I did, I wouldn’t be doing my job. I have a question for you. Why did you steal those plans?”

O’Donald looked at me. His eyes squinted as he seemed to wrestle with telling the truth, then he glanced down and shook his head. “I have my reasons.”

When we reached the shuttlepod, Maddie was waiting outside. 

“We were hoping that you would find him,” she stated.

“I’m surprised that you already returned. Wait. We? Is Griffin here?” I asked.

She laughed. “Yes. I had to get Griffin. He tried this drink called a green tonic. He has been in the latrine most of the morning.”


“The green tonic is a good detox.”

“Oh,” I answered, trying to suppress my laughter. “Poor Griffin.”

We entered the shuttlepod. Maddie secured O’Donald while I waited for the control center to give permission to move out of the docking bay. Griffin stumbled out of the latrine and strapped himself in the seat. His hands wrapped around a bucket.

“Not one word, Sonja,” he groaned.

“What?” I asked with a smile.

“Not a word.” He frowned.

Maddie started laughing as she sat in the seat next to me.

“You’re clear for takeoff,” the control center’s voice boomed.

“Thank you, control center. We’re ready,” I responded.

Maddie brought the engines to life. The shuttlepod began to rumble as the force behind us built. Griffin moaned as he moved the bucket closer to him. 

I glanced at Maddie, “Now.”

She released the throttle. The shuttlepod roared into the atmosphere. After a few minutes of fiery noise, we were greeted with the silence of space.

“JT,” I called over the radio.

“Did you find him?” JT asked.

“Yes. We’re ready to come home.” I smiled.

“I see ya. Moving to intercept,” JT said.

The shuttlepod safely docked. Griffin feeling slightly better helped me escort the bounty to the bridge. Maddie followed. Once there, I tossed JT the chip.

“Check this out. Let’s confirm it’s the plans,” I said.

JT nodded and brought the plans up on the screen. Maddie studied it. 

She frowned. “It’s an overpowered gun.”

“Really?” Griffin asked.

“Yep. I can’t find anything that’s special except that it is overpowered. I’m not sure how the gun would hold up to the stress of one shot,” Maddie stated.

“You don’t understand,” O’Donald mumbled.

I turned to him. “Then help us.”

He sighed. “It’s called the World Breaker. It has the power to destroy a planet.”

“What? Maddie, is that true?” I asked.

She poured over the plans looking deeper into the mechanics and power source. Her fingers moved and sorted through the information, then she froze. Slowly, she looked up at me and nodded.

“Why would a tech company have a gun like that?” Griffin asked.

“Because they aren’t a simple tech company,” O’Donald answered. “They’re the mafia. They have been trying to organize and gain more planets under their so-called protection. Their reach can only go so far. This gun solves that problem.”

“We can’t give this to them,” Griffin announced.

“What are you going to do?” questioned Maddie. “It’s the mafia. We can’t just refuse. We accepted the bounty.”

“Can we afford to give them that kind of power?” JT argued.

My fingers squeezed the top of my nose while I processed the information. What did we get ourselves into? We could deliver the package, get our money, and be on our way. Completing the contract and ending our employment with the mafia. Or we can try being heroes and get ourselves killed.

“Is that the only copy of the plans?” I asked. My voice sounding strained from the weight of the decision I was about to make.

“Yes, it is. I’m the only one who knows how to make the power source work. Without the plans and myself, they will not be able to duplicate it,” Sam answered.

“What were you trying to do by hiding on a tourism planet? Not the best of ideas,” I stated.

“I was hoping the number of people visiting Tamaar would cover my trail. After a few weeks, I was leaving for the planet, Socrates.”

“Why there?” asked Maddie.

JT answered, “It’s a sanctuary planet for scientists and philosophers that are being hunted for their knowledge or theories. It’s named after Socrates, an Earth philosopher, which is known to be the Father of Philosophy. He was sentenced to death because he was accused of corrupting the youth. The planet pays homage to him and seeks to protect knowledge from those who would misuse it.”

“Thank you, encyclopedia,” Maddie smirked.

“You wanted to know,” JT frowned.

“Are you sure this planet will protect you?” Griffin asked.

“Yes. They have several agreements from other planets to keep a well-armed military force there at all times.”

“Why would militaries from several different planets waste their resources to protect Socrates?” Maddie raised an eyebrow.

“I can answer that,” JT smiled. “Those planets get to benefit from their discoveries that are deemed by the council as safe and useful.”

“How odd,” Maddie smirked.

“It makes sense. It’s the old you scratch my back, and I will scratch yours method. But, how do we get Sam there without the mafia knowing?” Griffin questioned.

“If we do this, then we must all agree. Crossing the mafia will put us forever on their hit list. Is everyone okay with that? Think carefully about what you’re about to risk,” I stated.

“It’s easy for me. I can’t let the mafia have a weapon like that. They will terrorize so many innocents. I’m in,” Griffin said.

“Me too,” Maddie added.

JT nodded.

“Okay, it’s decided,” I said. “Now, it’s time to come up with a plan. Any ideas?” I asked. 

“We can create a duplicate of the chip, but leave out the crucial elements for the weapon to work,” Maddie suggested.

“You were attacked on the way here. Perhaps, there’s a chance we can fool them that O’Donald was killed,” added Griffin.

My eyes closed as my mind swirled around the information piecing ideas together until a plan formed.

“O’Donald, first you will go with Griffin. He will get your DNA on some clothing, then burn it. Next, you will meet Maddie in the engine room. Help her create an almost perfect match to your chip. JT, inform Angler Tech that we have their bounty and get a meeting spot arranged,” I ordered.

Space Ship Picture 1.jpg

The crew scattered to do their tasks. Now, all I had to do was deceive the mafia into believing our ruse. About three hours later, the pieces of the plan had been completed. JT got us to the meeting spot, which was a small uninhabitable planet that wasn’t too far from Tamaar. We didn’t have to wait long for the ship marked with Angler Tech’s logo to arrive. 

“Incoming transmission,” alerted JT.

“Okay,” I said, then took a deep breath. “Places everyone. Let the show begin.” 

JT opened the comms. Marlin appeared on the viewscreen. His smug smile sent a jolted down my spine. I wasn’t planning on dealing with him. This weapon means a lot if the leader of the mafia is here. I formed a relaxed smile as I greeted the mob boss.

“Good afternoon, Marlin.”

“I must say I wasn’t expecting results this quickly. Excellent job,” Marlin responded.

“Thank you. Though, the bounty isn’t complete…”

“What!” Marlin snarled.

“Another team of hunters was trying to rob us. Unfortunately, O’Donald was killed in an explosion. But, we were able to retrieve the chip.”

Marlin sighed with relief. “At least you have the plans.”

“Since we were not able to complete the bounty, we’ll only request half the price. Again, we send our deepest apologies. It’s not a habit of ours to hand over incomplete bounties,” I frowned.

Marlin nodded as he considered my words. “Do you have proof of O’Donald’s death?”

“Yes. We will be sending over the DNA we were able to gather with the chip. I hope that will suffice,” I answered.

“That will work.” Marlin pressed a few buttons on the computer and turned it around for us to see. “I have transferred the full sum of payment to your account. You have done a great service to us and should be rewarded.”

“Thank you,” I replied.

My fingers switched on the ship’s intercoms. “Maddie, please send the items to Angler Tech.”

“Yes, Captain,” she replied.

“One of my hunters is on their way,” I informed Marlin.

“Thank you, Captain Sonja,” Marlin said then turned off his screen.

I signaled JT to cut communications.

“It’s done,” JT said.

A sigh escaped my lips.

“Let’s hope this works long enough for Maddie to return and get out of this sector,” Griffin commented.

Twenty-five minutes passed before Maddie returned to the ship. Without wasting any time, we space jumped out of the sector. It would be a four-day journey to Socrates. It wouldn’t be long before we’ve delivered O’Donald and be able to wash our hands of this ordeal. 


I took a sip of coffee and leaned back in my chair on the bridge. O’Donald was working in the engine room with Maddie. Griffin sat next to me, analyzing a new medical journal. JT seemed almost half asleep as he monitored the ship. I smiled as I enjoyed the serenity of the moment.

“Sonja,” JT’s voice broke the silence. “Several ships moving fast. They’re approaching our position.”

“Move us slightly off course and out of their way,” I ordered.

He quickly moved us. 

JT screamed. “Sonja…”

Before he could finish, my body was flung to the floor. Griffin grunted as he got up. 

“What happened?” I yelled. Anger was building in me.

JT held his hand over a cut on his forehead as he scrambled to the computer. “They fired on us,” he said in disbelief. “Sonja, there is an incoming transmission.”

“Put it through,” I said through gritted teeth.

The screen blipped on, and Marlin appeared. The anger that burned inside morphed into a massive ball of dread. I kept on the mask of rage. He can’t be allowed to see my fear.

“Surprised?” He smirked.

“You could say that. Why are you attacking?” I blurted.

“Did you think we wouldn’t discover it? Or were you hoping it would take longer so you could escape?”

“What are you talking about?” I bluffed.

“The chip!” he yelled. “The chip is worthless. All the vital information is missing.”

“I gave you the chip that O’Donald had on him. We checked it. It had plans. How are we supposed to know that it was incomplete?” I countered.

“Don’t lie to me! Do you think I’m stupid? I know that O’Donald is alive, and you have the real chip. Why else would you be heading to Socrates?” he questioned.

I frown. “We’re taking a vacation. Would you like an itinerary?” I sneered.

“You’re clever, but I know the truth. Garrick provided me with the surveillance of your departure from Tamaar. There’s a view of O’Donald standing next to you,” he argued.

I closed my eyes. 

“I’m sure O’Donald told you of his plight. You don’t want me as an enemy, Sonja. You will hand over O’Donald and the chip. After the chip has been verified, you and your crew will get to leave here with your lives.”

I glanced at Griffin.

“Take the deal,” Marlin insisted. “There won’t be another offer.”

Griffin closed his eyes, then shook his head. I took a deep breath, then turned to face him. 

“There’s no way we’re allowing a weapon of that magnitude in your hands,” I answered.

“Have it your way,” he sighed, then turned his screen off.

“Battle positions,” I yelled.

JT maneuvered the ship in a series of dives and sharp turns as he dodged the onslaught. Griffin and I operated the weapons and returned fire. The seconds seemed to extend into hours. Our ship shuddered and moaned with every blast that crashed into it. A mixture of Angler Tech and hunter ships surrounded us. 

As JT took the ship into a dive, a massive wave of red energy fired at us. It’s too close!

“Brace yourselves,” I yelled.

Sparks and flames erupted as we collided head-on into the blast. My body was thrown across the bridge and crashed into one of the panels. I groaned as I slid myself up the wall to a standing position. Griffin quickly started putting out fires. My eyes glanced from Griffin to Jt, checking their conditions. My body froze. JT wasn’t moving. Red liquid stained his shirt. Large metal fragments were jammed into his stomach. 


We rushed to his side. Griffin assessed JT’s wounds.

“Sonja,” he whispered. “This is bad. He needs a hospital and fast.”

“Can you move him?” I asked.

“Let’s move the chair,” he suggested.

I crouched to the floor and reached underneath the chair. I grabbed a knob and turned it until it released. I stood and helped Griffin carry JT away from the controls. My fingers squeezed JT’s hand; then, I ran to the navigation panel. I tried to maneuver the ship, but the controls were barely functioning. We’re sitting ducks out here. The blasts continued to pound the ship relentlessly. There was only one chance of escape. I turned on the ship’s comms.

“Maddie, we need to jump now,” I demanded.

“We can’t. It’s too dangerous,” she protested.

“We have no choice. Do it!”

Soon the ship shuddered and groaned. Strange creaking noises pierced our ears. The stars started zooming past until they became a blur. Sparks shot out of the panels. A loud pop echoed as we suddenly stopped. 

“Maddie?” I called out.

“I don’t know how, but we made it. The ship won’t be able to jump again.”

“Any good news,” I questioned.

“We have impulse.”

I sighed.

“We need to find help,” Griffin said.

“What happened?” Maddie asked.

“JT was injured,” I answered.

“No,” Maddie cried.

I pulled up the charts of this sector. “There is a shipping lane not far. With any luck, we could cross paths with a transport ship. Maddie, take us to impulse.”

The ship lurched forward. The controls were barely responsive as I maneuvered it into a shipping lane. Once there, I sent out a distress signal, opened our comms, and waited. Tears threatened to fall as I watched the life drain from JT’s body.

“This is Captain Olivia. How can I be of assistance?”

A surge of relief filled me as I responded. “I am Captain Sonja. My pilot is wounded and in need of a hospital, but we’re stranded.”

“Orden is close. I will take you there. I will send a shuttlepod to pick you up,” Olivia offered.

“Thank you,” I breathed.

Maddie joined us in the shuttle bay. Griffin and I sat JT down carefully. My eyes widen when I saw our shuttlepod was missing. Maddie noticed my reaction.

“O’Donald,” she shook her head. “He refused to let me destroy the chip and fled.”

“He abandoned us.” I frowned.

Olivia’s shuttle soon arrived, and we loaded JT onto it. Then again onto her ship. Griffin worked diligently trying to keep JT alive. Olivia alerted the paramedics once we arrived at Orden. They rushed us to the hospital and sent JT straight to the emergency room, leaving us to wait and hope. Maddie laid her head on Griffin’s shoulder as tears fell. Griffin wrapped his arm around her while I paced the aisles. After some time, a nurse came out to greet us.

“How is he?” I blurted.

She smiled, “He will need to remain here for a few days, but he’s going to make it.”

“Can we see him?” Maddie asked.

The nurse nodded and motioned for us to follow. We walked down a long hallway until the nurse stopped and opened one of the doors. My heart pounded heavily as we saw him lying on the bed. He looked like the young boy I rescued from the orphanage all those years ago. I forced myself to swallow my grief and plastered a smile on my face.

“About time you were awake,” I teased.

A wide grin spread across his face. “Sonja! I’m glad to see you guys.”

Griffin walked over and patted his shoulder. While Maddie pretended to look at his chart as she wiped her tears away. For a few moments, we gathered around his bed, talking and laughing. Until JT broke up our merriment and asked what happened, Griffin filled him in on what occurred after he lost consciousness. 

“I can’t believe O’Donald abandoned us. Do you think he escaped?” JT wondered.

Griffin shook his head. “I don’t know. There is a high chance that they grabbed him.”

“Then, they have it. The weapon,” JT sighed. “After all that.”

“Well,” Maddie smiled.

“Maddie?” I raised my eyebrow.

She laughed as she held up a chip.

“You have it!” Griffin exclaimed.

“I didn’t just make one fake, but two. I gave the second fake to O’Donald and kept the real one.”

I laughed, “Maddie, you’re amazing!”

“I know,” she said, handing the chip to JT. “You may have the honors in destroying this horrible thing.”

“Gladly,” JT beamed.

He grabbed the chip and snapped it in half. 

“There is only one thing left to do,” Griffin said.

JT frowned. “What’s that?”

“Find O’Donald,” I answered.

“He has a lot to answer for,” Maddie fumed.

“He does,” I nodded. “He’s dangerous in the wrong hands. We need to get him to Socrates.”

“What are we waiting for?” JT asked. “Let’s go.”

“Settle down. You must heal first,” Griffin stated.

“Yes,” I agreed. “First, you heal, then we’ll go after O’Donald.”

“Okay,” JT said.

“I’m starving,” Griffin grinned.

“I’ll get us some grub,” Maddie exclaimed.

I smiled and closed my eyes as the worry finally dissipated. We survived. Everything we did wasn’t for nothing. The weapon’s plans were destroyed. However, our mission wasn’t yet done. O’Donald had to be found. If Marlin captured him, then he would have the most deadly weapon in the universe. I won’t let that happen.


To be continued…

Thank you for reading!

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