Outer Worlds

The Outer Worlds Game Screen Menu

“Make a choice. Spacer’s Choice.”

Today, I completed my first playthrough of Outer Worlds. The game was enjoyable even though it was short. Outer Worlds is full of humor, easter eggs, and of course, action. This game is definitely going on my favorite’s list.

Warning:  There are some minor spoilers, but no major spoilers ahead.

Outer Worlds is a futuristic space ship game. It reminds me of the tv show Firefly and the video games Fallout and Borderlands. You are a colonist that has just been awakened by what appears to be a mad scientist. Then, you are ejected out of the ship to land on a planet. Once you step out, you discover that you landed on the person who was supposed to help you escape. Oops!

Outer Worlds First Meeting

Outer Worlds is filled with choices and those choices have an effect on the world and the people around you. As you play through the game, you have the option of picking up crewmates.

Parvati, the crewmate who is looking for love.



Vicar Max, the crewmate who is looking for wisdom.



Ellie, the crewmate with trust issues.



Nyoka, the crewmate who is searching for her friends.



Felix, the crewmate who is looking for adventure.



SAM, the crewmate whose only function is to clean.



ADA, the ship’s computer who may kill you.



Together this motley crew embarks on saving the Halcyon and completing their own personal gains. There are a lot of choices that you can make that will determine how your crewmates develop. You can choose to make them happy or just to ignore them.

You are offered dialog options when interacting with the people of Halcyon. You can create your own personality as you determine how you solve a problem or talk to someone. If you develop your dialog skills, you will be able to talk your way out of certain situations. Or you can just load up the machine guns and flamethrowers and have at it.

Ellie shooting

I really enjoyed this game. It was short, and I was sad that it ended. Maybe we can get some DLC’s in the future. Outer Worlds had a fun story with believable and humorous crewmates and friends you make along the way. The ending I received from my first playthrough was satisfying for the sarcastic heroic character I played. Now, I am going to play through as a less than noble character or maybe try to get the dumb dialog.

Outer Worlds pic 1.jpg

If you haven’t picked up this game yet, I definitely recommend it. Xbox Game Pass has the game to play for free right now. It is just a quick download away until you have your own ship Unreliable.


Until Next Time!

“Remember it’s not the best choice, it’s Spacers Choice!”

Spacer's Choice.png

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