The Last Episode of the Freaks?

Freaks Ep5 Sacrifice cover 1I did it! I have finally finished this idea that I dreamed ten years ago. It is unreal that the Freaks are completed. I started this journey with just a passion for this story and my characters. Once I finally decided to become serious about my writing, it took about three years to complete. The first year I worked on my world building, draft, and researching all the things authors should do. I made the decision to self-publish. Then, Feb the following year, the first episode was released, and I took my first step as an author. Publishing an episodic series was challenging. To write, edit, publish each book within a few months of each other was hard to do for this newbie author. The pace along with my day job and personal life was a constant juggling act. It was stressful. It was exhausting. And, I wouldn’t change a thing. This challenge I took with publishing an episodic series was one of the hardest and rewarding things I have done. I would have never finished the Freaks if I didn’t challenge myself. I would have kept putting it off. Now it is done!

Anna excited

The Freaks idea came from a dream I had. It was very simple. I saw a girl with white wings desperately fighting to save this little boy. The world around her was crumbling. No hope was in sight. That dream sparked the creating of the Freaks. Guardian became the girl with the wings and Seven the little boy. Jonas was designed as I wrote the draft. He was a very different character on a very different path. It was near the end of my draft when I wrote a chapter where Guardian and Jonas were confronting each other that his character bloomed and transformed. The Jonas we know today was born.

Freaks Episode 5 finishes the story that I had dreamed, but is it the last episode?

No. Guardian and Jonas haven’t finished telling me their stories yet. Their journey has just begun.

Thank you to everyone that has supported me on this journey. I am excited to continue on in my writing journey creating more stories.

Thank you!

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