Surprise Toy Show!

OKC Toy Show SignMy husband and I decided to head to spend the day in Oklahoma City. We made a stop to have lunch at Texas Roadhouse when we discovered a Toy Show was taking place in the event center behind it. We pushed lunch back and went to explore the show.

When we walked in, there were quite a few toy vendors, a retro games vendor, two artists, and a Comic guy! We couldn’t resist, so we paid the six dollars to get us in. First, we checked all the toys and hot wheels. I used to have a few hot wheels when I was a kid. I was amazed by how many different kinds are made and are still being made. Wow! I loved the Goot. He almost went home with me. Lol!

Artist.jpgAfter browsing most of the toy vendors, we went to talk to the artists. The first artist we spoke to was Full Face Smile. He is a local artist. His Spiderman Venom picture got him noticed by Marvel. They commissioned him to work on some of the Marvel Sketch cards. That is pretty Awesome! He was a fun guy to talk to and had a lot of neat stories to tell about his craft and the development of his art. I bought a sticker of Deadpool to put on my comic box by my bed. To add some Deadpool flare.

Deadpool sticker.jpg

Allen GrimesThe second artist, Allen Grimes, was set up right next to Full Face Smile. This was Allen’s first time at the show. We had met before at a couple of cons, but not officially. We both had booths at New World Comic Con. He actually was diagonal from me. LOL! My desk is seriously lacking in the Turtle department. So, when I spotted his Ninja Turtle print, I knew I had to get it.


3rd Race between Superman and the Flash.jpgOf course, there was no way that we were not checking out the comics. The vendor was reasonably priced and was offering a sale on most of the boxes. I thumbed through several boxes it was hard to choose. I ended up picking up a World’s Finest Comic. This one featured Superman and the Flash in their third race together. This was too cool to pass up.

The last place we checked out was the retro games. I was eyeing some of the NES and N64 games, when the vendor, Phil Pierce, asked me if I was a Zelda fan. It was a bit obvious because I was wearing my Legend of Zelda t-shirt. I laughed and nodded. We ended up talking to him for almost thirty minutes about old games. It was a blast. My husband and I joined his retro games facebook group, called Oklahoma Retro Gamers.


By now, we had seen pretty much everything. Not mention we were starving. Our lunch had turned into a dinner. It was a fun surprise adventure. We enjoyed our dinner, then went to All-Star Comics, Half-Priced Books, and last Vintage Stock. We picked up a few more amazing reads, then headed home. It was an awesome day. I love stumbling upon incredibly fun and unexpected places. We met a lot of really nice people and picked up some very cool items. All in all, it was a pretty fun day.

See Ya Next Time!

godizilla jumping

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