Book of the Nerd Episode 2: Doomsday Clock issue 1 Review

Book of the Nerd

Doomsday Clock Review

Thank you for reading! After the review is the Book of the Nerd show where I discussed this comic.

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First Impressions:  I’m not really a big fan of the Watchmen. I do appreciate the complex and dark story, but it isn’t something I usually gravitate towards in a comic. Doomsday Clock caught my attention with the combination of the Watchmen with the DC universe. I really enjoy DC’s comics especially the Justice League. Needless to say this comic got me excited. 

Art:  The artist for this issue was Gary Frank. I loved the variant cover C the lenticular cover. The art was awesome! The style was dark and gritty, something you would expect from a Watchmen comic. I loved how the artist captured every detail in the lines of people’s faces and the detail in the aging characters.

Story:  The story starts off with a political turmoil. Showing readers a glimpse into this world. Most of the story is told from Rorschach point of view. Rorschach is on a mission to break out a convict, but you aren’t exactly sure why. Once he does this, she won’t leave without her husband. So the story continues with more action and a with a reveal at the end.

Sequels:  There are 12 issues in this storyline.  Doomsday Clock has caught my attention. I will be picking up the rest of the storyline. I’m curious how they are going to tie in the DC characters in a story with the Watchmen. The ending of the first issue definitely intrigued me. 

Recommendations and Rating:  I will not do a recommendation or rate this comic until I have read the entire 12 issues of the storyline. 

Favorite Quote:  I loved the last sentence of the comic. So good!! But, since that would be a spoiler, I picked a different one. This quote is from Rorschach.

“Too much to do. Too much to remember. Never write anything down far too dangerous.” 



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