Midnight Release of Doomsday Clock

November 21st, Daniel and I decided to go to our local comic book shop for the special midnight release of Doomsday Clock and sale that All-Star was having. So, off we went.

going to

It wasn’t long until we arrived at the store. We got Doomsday Clock #1 and a special Watchmen button.

Doomsday Clock Midnight release swag.jpg

All-Star was having a sale on all their back issues. Daniel and I had to take a peek. I got a good run of the late 80s to 90s Spiderman. Daniel got a few X-men and some ROM.


On our way back, I noticed that we took a different exit.

“Where are we going?” I asked Daniel.

He just smiled and kept driving. He turned into the parking lot of IHOP.

“We haven’t done gone to IHOP this late in a long time,” he laughed.

I grinned. It was three in the morning and we are going to have a very early breakfast. We ordered pumpkin spice hot chocolate and pumpkin spice pancakes. Both were extremely good.


We enjoyed the food and talking about all the comics we got. Once we were stuffed, we went back home. We finally went to bed at 5:30. haha!

giphy (1).gif

We had a fun night! My next blog post will be Book of the Nerd Episode 2. I will review Doomsday Clock.

Doomsday Clock

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and a very Merry Christmas!

giphy (1).gif

And a Happy New Year!

giphy (2).gif

Here are the links to the website and Facebook page of All-Star.




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