My Top Ten Superheroines

Wonder Woman left me feeling excited for the possibilities of her on the big screen. I really enjoyed the movie. I am going to be honest, I was worried. Being a girl that has been into super heroes most of her life, I really want my heroines to be as tough as the guys. To be hit, to bleed, then to come back strong and win the day. If my heroines seem any less than that, I just can’t get into them. I want them to be able to go toe to toe with the guys. So I am a tough one to please on this. Don’t even get me started on the disappointing Catwoman movie. Evil make-up! Evil…make-up… Sigh. Wonder Woman really impressed me. She was strong, but still human. There definitely wasn’t any evil make-up. She struggled to come into her own, but once she did. Wow! She was one tough heroine that definitely can stand toe to toe with the guys. I am so pleased with this movie.


After leaving the theater, I was pondering who are my favorite heroines in comics. The comic world is full of strong, intelligent females. Which tells me it is time for a top ten list! Narrowing it down to ten was extremely difficult. It took me several days to decide. But I eventually got it down to ten. On my list, heroines may be from any comic book company. My heroines must be heroes, not anti heroes or villains. Sorry Catwoman. This list is my personal favorite and is based on what I like in characters and comics.


Let’s get Started!

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  1. Supergirl


Supergirl’s first appearance was in 1959’s Action Comics #252. She was sent to Earth to help raise and protect Kal-El (Superman), her cousin. But her pod was delayed and she arrived after Superman was grown and established himself as a hero. Supergirl comes into her own and has proven herself many times to be able to stand side by side with her cousin.


  1. Rogue


Rogue’s first appearance was in 1981’s Avenger’s Annual #10. Rogue started out as a villain working for Mystique. But when she absorbed Ms. Marvel’s powers they stuck and this event also introduced her to the X-Men. She switch from villain to hero and joined the X-Men. She has had major story arcs and influence in the X-Men universe ever since and still does.


  1. She-Hulk


She-Hulk’s first appearance was in 1980’s Savage She-Hulk #1. Jennifer Walters, a young attorney, was gravely wounded. Bruce Banner, her cousin, (Hulk) gave her a blood transfusion to save her life. The blood caused her to transform into She-Hulk. Jennifer has more control over her powers and her transformation than Hulk. She is able to retain her intelligence and personality when transformed. She-Hulk has a series of her own. She has a comedic side to her and loves being She-Hulk. She is seen more often transformed as She-Hulk than her normal form. She is also a member of the Avengers.


  1. Storm


Storm’s first appearance was in 1975’s Giant Size X-Men #1. Storm is a major character in the X-Men and comics. She was introduced in the new 1975 X-Men team. She even led the X-Men early on when Prof. Xavier went into space with the Starjammers. From the beginning she has been a leader among the X-Men. She has led the team through many major story arcs. Storm has and will continue to be an important and influential character in the X-Men and the Comic World.


  1. Hawkgirl


Hawkgirl’s first appearance was in 1940’s Flash comics #1. Her first costume appearance was in All Star’s comic #5 in 1941. Hawkgirl was the first costume heroine just barely out before Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman’s appearance was in All Star #8. There are couple of different origin stories for Hawkgirl. The golden age origin is she is Chay-Ara an Egyptian princess married to Khufu. They found an alien ship that had crashed. The ship gave them powers, but they were cursed by Hath-Set. Their curse was to die once their love reaches its peak then be reincarnated to repeat the process again. When she is introduced she has been reincarnated as Shiera Sanders. Khufu reincarnated as Carter Hall. In the silver age, they changed them from being from Earth to alien police officers from the planet Thanagar. The Silver Age origins doesn’t really exist in comics for now. The creators returning to the Golden Age origins. Hawkgirl is once again rebooted in Justice Society Secret Files #1 in 1999 as Kendra Saunders the grandniece of Shiera’s. Kendra actually commits suicide and Shiera’s soul finds her way into Kendra’s body. Kendra wakes up not knowing she is actually Shiera. She has lost all of her memories. Kendra decides to become Hawkgirl but distances herself from Hawkman. The Blackest Night story arc resurrected Shiera and she is now Hawkgirl. Complicated. But she is an long running heroine. Hawkgirl is one of the first heroines to dawn the mantle and she continues to fight alongside the Justice League and Justice Society. She has been apart and influenced major comic arcs throughout history. Hawkgirl along with Wonder Woman are the first and oldest heroines in comics.


  1. Witchblade


Witchblade’s first appearance was in 1995’s Cyblade/Shi #1. The origin of Witchblade in this comic was ignored and redone into its own series. Sara Pezzini is the first to appear in the comics wielding Witchblade. There is several issues that was later published featuring stories of strong and influential women wielding it throughout time. Witchblade was created by the Darkness and Angelus forces having an offspring together. The Witchblade is the balance between these forces which represent chaos and order. The Witchblade itself is male and requires a female host to wield it. Sara is a tough NYPD homicide detective. Witchblade chose her when she jumps in front of a bullet to try and save her partner.


  1. Aspen Matthews

Aspen Matthews

Aspen Matthews’ first appearance was in 1998’s Fathom # ½ – Wizard Issue ½. Aspen was born from a race of people that live underwater. She is a mix between the Blue and the Black. Two different waterkin races. She is the most powerful of the two. Due to an accident when she was a child, Aspen lost all her memories and was found by Captain Matthews. Matthews raises her like his own child. Aspen can’t remember her past but still holds on to her love of the water. Years later, Aspen past confronts her. She must learn to accept her new found abilities and what her role is now in this new and strange world. Aspen is a marine biologist in the human world. She is smart and also a extremely powerful woman.


  1. Batgirl (Barbara Gordon)


Barbara Gordon as Batgirl first appeared in 1967’s Detective Comics #359. The first Batgirl was actually Bette Kane in 1961’s Batman #139. Bette Kane discovers her aunt is Batwoman and dawns a cape to become Batgirl. Later she becomes the heroine Hawkfire. My favorite version of Batgirl has always been Barbara Gordon. In the comics, Barbara is shot by Joker paralyzing her. She is determined not to let this slow her down. She transforms herself into Oracle. She was vital to Batman in No Man’s Land. Barbara as Oracle founds an all female team called the Birds of Prey. The New 52 restored Barbara Gordon’s legs which prompts her to return to her role as Batgirl.


  1. Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman.jpg

Wonder Woman’s first appearance was in 1941’s All Star Comics #8. Wonder Woman got her own solo in 1942. Wonder Woman is one of the oldest and the most prominent heroines in comics. She had her start as an army nurse and developed into an Amazonian warrior. She is one of the Trinity of the DC Universe alongside Superman and Batman.

Wonder Woman 1.jpg

She is one of leaders in the Justice League. Wonder Woman has been a role model for women since the 40s. She has grown and develop has a character through the ages. She has battled evil geniuses and gods. Her origins are tied to Greek mythology. Once thought to be made of clay until in more recent story arcs she discovered she is the daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta. There is no heroine like her. She is the toughest and the most courageous. She stands beside the most iconic heroes Superman and Batman and is not outshined. She is the most influential heroine throughout history. Wonder Woman will continue to be a major player in the comics and now on the big screen.      


1. Red Sonja

Red Sonja

Red Sonja’s first appearance is in 1973’s Conan the Barbarian #23. The original inspiration for Sonja was from Robert E. Howard, the creator of Conan. In 1943, she was called Red Sonya of Rogatino in a short story called Shadow of the Vulture. This was re-adapted by Marvel for her first appearance in comics. Red Sonja appeared in several issues with Conan. Conan was attracted to her, but they never advanced their relationship due to Sonja moral code of never being with a man that could not best her in combat. Conan was never able to defeat Sonja which led to tension between the two characters. To add to the tension, they were sometimes competing with one another for the same prize due to the fact they were both mercenaries.


Sonja become so popular with fans that in 1975 she received her own series. Once her series ended, she still made appearances in Conan and in one of her most famous team up in 1979 with Spiderman. In 2000s, Dynamite bought the rights to Red Sonja and in 2005 rebooted her series with the artist Mel Rubi. Red Sonja has always been portrayed as an independent and fierce character that has no problems going toe to toe with incredibly strong and powerful men such as Conan. She is my all time favorite heroine. She is a character that always pushes forward and is steadfast to her morals, plus is one tough warrior.

 Savage Tales Red Sonja.jpg

Here is my top ten Superheroines. Do you agree with my list? Who are your top ten Superheroines?



See Ya Next Week!

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