Free Comic Book Day Bundle

Hi everyone. Sorry I didn’t get a post out yesterday. With the end of year activities at school and my dog, Shazam, getting sick and going to the vet, I have been drained of energy.

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Shazam is doing a lot better now. He is finally starting to eat and move around again. He is officially back to his job of sitting on my lap making sure I work on my blog and my book.

Shazam 1

Free Comic Book Day was last weekend. This is a big annual event for my husband and I.

Free Comic Book Day

We go to all the local comic book shops in our area and talk to artist and cos-players. It is a great time. We met out best friends at one of the comic shops and got to walk our nieces and nephew around and take pictures of them. They were dressed up so cute.

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There was an artist at Speeding Bullet that was doing free sketches. I got to talk to him for a few minutes as he drew a sketch of Nightwing for me.

2017 Free Comic Book Day Sketch

For Free Comic Day, I was definitely in a Teen Titans mood. I have collected some of the newer Teen Titans and a little bit of the series Young Titans, but I don’t really have anything older. This was a perfect day to start my collection, especially with all the good deals going on.

The New Titans Stack

I got The New Titans issues 70 – 86.

The New Titans 70-86

Here are some of the covers that were in that bundle.

The New Titans 75  The New Titans comic pic

I am so excited to start reading them. I also picked up an old Batman comic. It was too good to resist.

Brave and Bold 78 Batman and Wonder Woman guest starring Batgirl

Batman is wrapped in the coils of Copperhead while Wonder Woman and  Batgirl have been gassed by a snake’s breath. Haha! I love old comic covers. Does the snake have knock out gas in its fangs? I do not want to encounter those snakes!

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My husband and I also picked up few graphics this years. A lot of the shops were having excellent sales on them.

Graphic Magik and Uncanny X-Men  Graphics The New Teen Titans and He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

There was quite a few good choices in free comics to get this years. For my class I got all of my students either a DC Super Hero Girls or Pokemon comics. Here are the ones I got for myself.

Free Comic Zelda and Wonder Woman

Free comics Star Trek Superheroes Girls Underdog Jugde Dread
Look how muscular Captain Picard is!

I have already read the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess comic. It gave Link a interesting background. The comic wasn’t very long. It just gave you a little to get you excited for the story. The issue was only half of the comic, the other half was of Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time. I can’t wait until I am able to get the whole Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess manga. This game is probably my second favorite game from Nintendo. The first being Ocarina of Time.

Free comic Zelda

My husband was looking for some cool old science fiction comics. Here is what he got.

Strange Adventues 232 and 237  Manhunter 92 and X-men 175 and Uncanny X-Men comic Strange Adventues and Swamp Think and Ghost Riders comic    Unexpted and Fantastic Four comics Strange Adventures 234 fand 239 and 231

He also picked up a Bernie Wrightson signature. He is an artist that is best known for horror comics. He was, also, the co-creator of Swamp Thing.

Bernie Wrightson Autograph Comic pic

It was nice sunny day. Perfect for Free Comic Book Day. Thanks for reading my blog!

See Ya Next Week!

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